Friday, March 8, 2013

Where I Blog...

I have a few essential items in my blogging space... most are thrifted, of course.

We live in a 1965 split level, and this is my nook. It's small, but there is room for all of my stuff and Max, so I'm good. I didn't even try to hide all the cords from the router, external HD, printer, scanner, TV, etc. Real life dust magnets.

My craft room is right next door and both have an east facing window so there is lots of light. Yes, my craft room always has that much stuff on the table. More real life.

One of the things I liked about this desk was the large hutch and trailer display area. My cars and trailers are the one decor item that has been constant since I bought this desk about six years ago. A photo of my oldest nieces and I on our annual Canada Day holiday, Miss Macy at three, and my first wall pocket find from ages ago.

The Crows of Pearblossom is an old Ebay purchase and the vintage deer was scooped up in January. It has a Quebec town's name written on it. Fitting, as Mr. C.F.'s ancestors came here in the 1600's from France and lived in Quebec for many generations. I love vintage souvenir plates (look closely at the far wall in my craft room) and had to smile when I found this one last week. It's a happy reminder of my fun blog friend Vickie at Ranger 911. So Vickie, I'll think of you (and Miss Finley) when I'm glancing up at Paul and Babe. :)

I just changed up the pictures that hang below one of my favourite finds ever -- sun bleached and lichen spotted antlers that I found about 20 years ago in an old, old barn. The vintage toy phone was a gift from Mr. C.F and the half moon table is one that my mom refinished in the 70's. I think she nearly fainted when she saw that I'd painted it green.

The bun' picture is a 2012 thrift store find and the crocheted heart pattern can be found here at Lucy's. I found this large primitively cross-stitched rose on linen last week in my favourite thrift store for only $3. I love the bright colours. The mat is actually more turquoisey, but I cannot seem to get it to look right. You know how that goes. I just painted the wood frame an antique white and now it's another new old thing that makes me smile.

So, this is where I blog. My cozy nook where the light is good, the craft room close, and the Diet Coke plentiful. All this plus some favourite thrifted treasures. Oh, and new flooring and repainted walls are coming soon. I'll show you the wall behind me when we get those things done. Max is looking forward to showing you his comfy corner then too.

Thanks for visiting!

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  1. What a great set up! I blog from my desk in the living room, I craft at my kitchen table and store excess junk in my car hatchback! You spoiled girl. I love your office decor. Very fun!

  2. What a lovely tidy, neat workspace. I don't blog but my computer area doesn't look nearly as pristine as your desk does. I did not that I have the almost twin of your flamingo. You'll have to have a look sometime if you already haven't noticed it.

    Love your blog. Louise

    1. So good to see you in the comments Louise! Did you notice your 1940's car is now pulling a trailer? :). Our flamingos must be triplets... Vickie has one too!

  3. I'm so jealous. I do not have a trailer display area. I do have a sorta similar flamingo, so maybe it's a second cousin half removed from yours, Vickie's and Louise's. I love that blue waste can with the flower on it, but then I pretty much love it all!!!

  4. Ha! I was just going to say that I have the lost triplet! I also have a plate just like yours. It's super classy with a Las Vegas logo on it, purchased with love by Mr.911 on a trip. I will cherish it forever in the bottom of a box. hehe And now you've got a MN plate, too? How perfect is that blue ox....oh, it's a deer. Well close enough, and she is pretty adorable.

    Of course I'm eyeing up that cute little blue telephone and the metal waste basket. I've got one of those, too! Your new cross stitch picture looks perfect hanging above the pretty spring green table. And you even crocheted a little heart to tie it all together!

    I never knew the cubbies above computer desks were actually parking ramps. Silly me, I just shoved books into the openings. Your cars and campers are so much cuter! And now I know why I don't like sitting at our computer desk in the cold dark cave. Wanna trade spaces? Remember to bring warm slippers and gloves. It's coooold down there!

    Happy blogging!

    1. I don't dare show my blotting space as it is currently the big board (ironing) in the sewing studio. And that room has been way to busy to clean. Oh wait, it's been so busy I haven't had time to blog. Maybe tomorrow night. :)

  5. o you would house pretty clean and neat on any day, laundry done most of the time, dishes always, bed made hit and miss based on what project I am room O lordy not pretty at all

  6. Most of my blogging is done in bed but if I had a room to use just as my blogging area I would want it to be as light filled and airy as yours. It must be very inspiring to be surrounded by your favorite things.

  7. You have your own office area AND a crafting area that isn't the dining room table. Lucky. How about you knock down the wall between the office and craft room and make it all one big room, that sounds less envious even though it would still totally be.


  8. How lovely! I'm with Bliss in the comment above-- how lucky! I have a five foot counter for blogging, crafting, daughter's crafting, bill paying...

  9. What a great place to blog and create. Visiting over from Mockingbird Hill Cottage Favorites.

  10. Love your space! I'm working on getting a craft space in my home! I'm a Flamingo lover and so I love that one in your photo. I collect them also!
    Came to visit from Fav Things! Linda

  11. Hi Tracy,
    What a wonderful space. You have so much light and I love your luscious turquoise touches. It's so mice having special place to squirrel away and create, blog, read...or just hang out.
    Thank you for your visit to my blog. I enjoyed reading your kind comment.
    Have a happy day,
    I am your newest follower!

  12. Thanks for your funny comment on my blog - I hopped over here and love your blog! Your trailer collection is adorable and reminds me of the movie with Ricky and Lucy - can't remember what it was called.

    I'm following you now!! (that always sounds kind of creepy)

  13. Hi Tracy
    I love your blogging space. I also love your trailer display. ADORABLE!!

  14. I love your blogging space! It reflects your style perfectly from the colors to the collections. I can't believe how that hutch has the perfect sized cubbies for your trailers, and they're so CUTE! Even your blooming plant (is that a Christmas cactus?) has the perfect colors. I'm so in love with this space, I want to marry it. :)

  15. This is my kind of post! I love seeing where bloggers create and/or blog and I love hearing the storeis behind treasured finds even more! I'm a wee bit jealous that you have a crafting space AND a blogging space!!

    Thanks so much for joining in this week!


  16. Nice! A blogging space AND a craft room! Be still my heart! I have neither...wah wah. You have made you blogging space look fantastic! I love it. So fun and funky! Love the soft blues!

  17. WHat a cute and cozy blogging space. I love all your touches. The antlers and cute cross stitch are great vintage touches, I wish I had all that light coming in to my space.I could make myself right at home!!

  18. What a darling spot - and sooo tidy! I love your tours of you displays - everything always has such special meaning and a good story to go with it.

  19. I love to see workspaces and craft spaces. I like your style. Looks so inviting.

  20. Ooooooo...I want to come and blog with you! I sit on the couch at my house to blog and watch people go by out front. Maybe that's why I never get much blogging done, because the streets are rampant with characters and I get distracted. You never know what you'll see out the window here. I'm a huge fan of your plates and flamingo! I only have flamingo salt and pepper shakers and I'm still minus a cool collection of trailers, so I love seeing yours all lined up. You rock the displays! Your space is bright, colorful and inspiring, a reflection of you! Are Remy, Doughboy and the Monkeys banned from your creative space? I bet they would have a heyday in there!

  21. Such a lovely space, Tracy! I love having my "stuff" around my workspace and desk, it makes me smile. Yours must lighten your heart, too, when you look around as you work!

  22. Hi Tracy , loooove your blogging space. How fun to create a space of your own and I absolutely LOVE the trailers and antique cars ... Where can I find them ? I would live to get a little collection started for my husband . He lives classic cars and trailers.
    Live your space. Thanks for visiting me. I'm now one if your newest followers :)

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  24. it's really cute! i blog from a chair in my living, would like to have a space like yours! i MUST know where your trailers are from...need!!!!


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