Thursday, June 28, 2012

Canada Day 2012

I think we're all set. All we need is sunshine on Sunday so we can head out onto the lake for our traditional 'a la lake' celebration. Rain or shine we're ready indoors.

It's been such a cool spring I don't have any daisies yet for my kitchen display... but if you look closely I did get a new car! It's right there beside my mini fence board flag that I made last year.

Once again my fun neighbour friend Louise had a treasure in her stash. I fell in love when I saw it's soft turquoise hue and ultra cool style.

It is a Schuco #1001 Mirakocar made in the US Zone of Germany right after WWII. It is so cute; I just LOVE it. The car below has the manual and box with it but it is not near as appealing as one in soft turquoise if you ask me!


When I wasn't admiring my new car I made this quick and super-easy bunting. Copy the flag below, resize to your liking, and print onto the paper of your choice. Glue the whole sheet to cardstock, cut out, punch holes, thread with jute and you're done! I use old sheet music as it is already 8.5x11 and it saves me fiddling with my printer.

I painted this birdhouse for the occasion. I have had it unfinished for at least 20 years. It was so old that it was actually made of clear pine. You don't find them at Michael's like that anymore! The spice tins were Christmas gifts from Mr. CF & Miss M. They could have given me a word of caution when opening the whole lot of them... the cayenne pepper tin was still full -- with the holes open. Achooooo!

The Doughboy gets out of the mixing bowl on the counter. Boy, was he excited.

My trusty white cubby is set for the weekend too. My first peony opened up just in time. The 1970's Winnebago was played with by Louise's sons. It must have fewer miles on it than the green Winnebago on our mantle -- or maybe it was just parked in the garage.

I discovered this photo this past winter when I first started researching the genealogy on Mr. CF's side of the family. This photo means so much to me especially now on our Canada Day weekend. Three of my husband's direct relatives are in this sad photo taken outside of the Regina RCMP detachment in 1885. Canadian History was one of my favourite subjects in college, but when you learn that your daughter is related to the people who suffered so much at the hands of people that came and took what wasn't theirs, it really hits home. We proudly display this photo and honour all of our ancestors who came to Canada in the 1600's and later, and those who were here from the very beginning.

Bach & Beethoven sport their holiday finery. They take turns on who gets to wear the girly stuff.

I was inspired by all of the great Independence Day decor to be found on blogs and  Pinterest. I made up my own Canadian version of the map to sit on our sideboard in a thrift store frame -- complete with a heart on our province. Happy Canada Day and Happy July 4th, wherever you and your heart may be.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

It's Wabbit Season

White-tailed Jackrabbit (Lepus townsendii)

I would like you to meet my nemesis. Don't get me wrong... I love all things cute and furry -- until they dine on my flowers. Less than 24 hours after planting seedlings in my new 22'x4' flower bed in the front I had a visit from those who previously ignored my yard. The worst part was that Mr. CF said I was just planting a rabbit buffet. Dang, I hate it when he's right.

I've sprinkled garlic granules (Yay Costco for the big jar) every other night and after the rain and it has helped somewhat. Of course I didn't discover that trick until after day one when they ate all three of my moonbeam tickseed down to the ground, nibbled and spat out the cosmos and zinnia, then at ate the tops off my sunflowers.

I saved Max's clippings from his last coiffure and think I'll try digging some of his fur into the soil. I've also heard that human hair works well too. Eww. The bed is near a well-travelled sidewalk as we are close to the elementary school, so one of those motion activated sprinklers may not be the answer.

Max resting after his high speed hare chase

I am so proud of Max. This afternoon when I opened the gate to put a support on the white peony out front there were FOUR of the varmints on our next-door neighbour's lawn (having just recently finished every last blossom on her new front flower bed). Now, you have to know Max for this next part. My husband swears that Max is part cat. He's not a he-man kind of dog, he's a quiet and sweet miniature schnauzer with impeccable manners. I sent him after the rabbits -- instinct took over and he put the run on them, stopping at the street a few houses down when I called him. (Whew). I think he was as proud of himself as I was of him. I've had other dogs that I wouldn't have thought twice if they did a little pest control, but Max, well, let's just say I was pleasantly surprised. He's now napping at my feet after a few extra treats. For him, that is. Really.

I am afraid that once everything starts to bloom I may be pulling out my hares. he he Short of a fence, I don't know what I'll do. Any ideas?

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Gearing Up for Canada Day!

Canada Day is just around the corner and we are looking forward to it as always. My 'little' girl just turned 10 and as soon as that birthday rolls around I know our next big celebration is not far away.

Last week I got out my trusty ole fence boards and made a new sign for the mantle. Yes, I still have those hideous Canadian Tire sconces and the tile fireplace. They are closer up to the top of my hit list than they are on Mr. CF's hit list. Sigh. 

Start by selecting old fence boards from your carefully cataloged and meticulously stored stock from under the deck. I screwed two flat pieces of scrap board vertically to the back to join the boards.

Our flag has a 1:2 ratio and the centre white square is the dimensions of the height of the flag. I was happy to learn this when making this sign; I'll be sure to get that right on my future mini flags! My boards measure 17x33. Technically it should be 34" wide, but I didn't want to trim the weathered boards and lose the perfectly aged ends. I used a clip art flag and enlarged it in PS Elements to get the right size for the maple leaf. It took 3 pieces of letter sized paper taped together to get the right size. Then I just printed and transferred it with graphite paper.

Following Funky Junk Donna's tutorial here I painted a bright first coat.

Followed by two coats of outdoor latex. I plan to hang this on our fence after it's had it's run on the mantle.

I let it dry for a couple of days and then took the mouse sander to it. I love how the turquoise peeks through.

I haven't ever done a Canada Day mantle, so I am now going to be on the lookout for some vintage red/white bits. For now I went with what I had on hand: a woodsy camping theme.

 I love the vintage trailer art of Paige Bridges and chose this print as it was closest to the 1964 made-in-Alberta TeePee that I grew up camping in. (The same trailer I'm peeking out of with the birthday cake at the top of my blog) The vintage Winnebago motorhome was one of two that I got from my dear neighbour friend across the street.

My Dad, sister and I, 1970, in front of our TeePee. This campground was a favourite -- except for the knee high red ant nests that crawled with activity. I still remember those vividly.

I have had this tree, birdhouse and the same photo in the fish frame for at least 20 years. The photo is one of my absolute favourites and here is why...

My dad is in the beanie, neighbour Harold sports wool pants and no shirt, my great grandmother, Eliza Anne, does her best Granny Clampett impersonation about five years before they first aired in 1952, and my dear Aunt Marlene takes the cake. My eldest niece at age 12 hit it spot on when she exclaimed that Marlene looked just like Margaret from Dennis the Menace! I am happy to report that Marlene is still full of mischief today. :)

I've got a few more perches to decorate in the house before July 1st is upon us. School will be out in a week and summer will be here! There is nothing better. :)

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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Finally, a Porch Swing!

Okay, so I might not fit, but I've got a swing! If you've ever built a house you know how those construction delays happen. Mr. CF and I built this house late last summer and it sat, without the porch roof attached, waiting for me all winter. Mr. CF attached the roof and installed the posts and I was off and running. I couldn't find one single photo of our build, but hey, he had the table saw out and was building at my beck and call... I didn't want to spoil the moment!

I used this photo for inspiration... free plans are linked to the source and now I see they even have the cutting list on there.  We used a 1 1/8" hole for chickadees and nuthatches and resized the interior to suit them. They like it small and cozy. With a swing of course!

I had rocks & glue left over from the Fairy Condo so I had to have a rock chimney. If you are wondering about the fry pan of rocks on the table, that is how you dry your rocks after you had them dry (after three long days) but your husband put them outside in the rain. Works like a charm and they don't stick. :)

Taped up and ready to paint. The only problem was I couldn't decide on the colour. After a coat of the light turquoise I went with the Folk Art Sky Blue.  We used scrap lumber we had on hand so the only cost was the blue paint which was on sale & a coupon, so $2. Oh, and the 99 cents I spent on door number one but didn't use. More on that later.

A coat of spray sealer and some light sanding and then I added the 'swing'. It was a hinge that came with the fence boards I scored when my neighbour took down her old fence. The doorbell came from the bottom of my 25 year old stash of miscellany. Gotta love it when that happens.

A bird's eye view. (Couldn't resist.)

I was really stuck for a front door. After a sweep of my three thrift stores this morning I came upon a fabulous find and skipped home with my 99 cent treasure. Got out the saw, the sander and.... it looked horrible. Back to the drawing board. Came out of the garden shed with a band for attaching downspouts. Brand new, a little bendy-bendy to snap it to the right size, a little sanding, a little paint and I've got a door. The hole was predrilled and I found this old stamped brass thing in a box of odds and ends that we picked up at a garage sale recently. Perfect.

I am not sure where it will end up but today it is on our kitchen table so I can enjoy my swing. Thanks for coming by!

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Friday, June 8, 2012

Instagram & Dust Bath Soup

I inherited Mr. CF's iPhone4s which is lovely, mostly because of Instagram. I'm not much of a texter, but I do like my photos. I needed to nip out into the rain to test it out. So here I am in the shade garden.

Exhibit A: Piece 2 of recently transplanted 45 year old bleeding heart. Doing lovely, and blooming, as are pieces 1 & 3.

Exhibit B: Assorted perennials in bloom and not, in early stages of growth with minimum warmth this spring from Mother Nature.

Exhibit C: Dust Bath Soup. I love this "ceement" birdbath which was bought with gift money from a dear friend, Miss Mo. It did not want to hold water this spring so I used it to make something I've always wanted: a birdy dust bath. One part loam, one part sand, one part ashes. I had great visions of our feathered friends stopping by to have a safe and warm dust bath in a picturesque and cozy setting. A quick bite at a feeder and then they could hop on over to the fountain for a refreshing drink and a dip.

It has been raining for a week on and off (mostly on) and now I have soup. The dang thing now wants to hold water and I have a muddy mess to deal with when the rain stops.

Instagram doesn't reveal such secrets, it just makes photos fun in a jiffy. I'm liking my new toy much more than I'm going to like dealing with that great idea I had for a dust bath.  Have a wonderful weekend!

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