Canada Day 2012

I think we're all set. All we need is sunshine on Sunday so we can head out onto the lake for our traditional 'a la lake' celebration. Rain or shine we're ready indoors.

It's been such a cool spring I don't have any daisies yet for my kitchen display... but if you look closely I did get a new car! It's right there beside my mini fence board flag that I made last year.

Once again my fun neighbour friend Louise had a treasure in her stash. I fell in love when I saw it's soft turquoise hue and ultra cool style.

It is a Schuco #1001 Mirakocar made in the US Zone of Germany right after WWII. It is so cute; I just LOVE it. The car below has the manual and box with it but it is not near as appealing as one in soft turquoise if you ask me!


When I wasn't admiring my new car I made this quick and super-easy bunting. Copy the flag below, resize to your liking, and print onto the paper of your choice. Glue the whole sheet to cardstock, cut out, punch holes, thread with jute and you're done! I use old sheet music as it is already 8.5x11 and it saves me fiddling with my printer.

I painted this birdhouse for the occasion. I have had it unfinished for at least 20 years. It was so old that it was actually made of clear pine. You don't find them at Michael's like that anymore! The spice tins were Christmas gifts from Mr. CF & Miss M. They could have given me a word of caution when opening the whole lot of them... the cayenne pepper tin was still full -- with the holes open. Achooooo!

The Doughboy gets out of the mixing bowl on the counter. Boy, was he excited.

My trusty white cubby is set for the weekend too. My first peony opened up just in time. The 1970's Winnebago was played with by Louise's sons. It must have fewer miles on it than the green Winnebago on our mantle -- or maybe it was just parked in the garage.

I discovered this photo this past winter when I first started researching the genealogy on Mr. CF's side of the family. This photo means so much to me especially now on our Canada Day weekend. Three of my husband's direct relatives are in this sad photo taken outside of the Regina RCMP detachment in 1885. Canadian History was one of my favourite subjects in college, but when you learn that your daughter is related to the people who suffered so much at the hands of people that came and took what wasn't theirs, it really hits home. We proudly display this photo and honour all of our ancestors who came to Canada in the 1600's and later, and those who were here from the very beginning.

Bach & Beethoven sport their holiday finery. They take turns on who gets to wear the girly stuff.

I was inspired by all of the great Independence Day decor to be found on blogs and  Pinterest. I made up my own Canadian version of the map to sit on our sideboard in a thrift store frame -- complete with a heart on our province. Happy Canada Day and Happy July 4th, wherever you and your heart may be.

Thanks for stopping by. :)

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  1. You have been selected for a Leiberman do such a good job and I want to share the love of this German word.....letting you know all the good values of your blog...rules are less then 200 followers...MY post messed up and I ashamed to say no up to my standard,but toooo late right now to fix...but will tomorrow...You can follow up on Angela's blog...she nominated

  2. I just love your blog. Everything is just so interesting. You've put a lot of love and time into your Canada Day project. That is something that most don't do anymore. I'll have to dig a little deeper into my stored treasures and come up with something that would really brighten your day.

  3. Oh, that is one cool car!!! What else does that neighbor have stashed away in her house?!

    I love that you've researched your family history and have photos to document what you've learned. I was working in our yard one day and my elderly neighbor and I got to talking. Turns out she was practically raised by my great grandmother who I never met! It's amazing what our ancestors suffered through to get us to where we are today.

    Your Canada Day projects are so fun. Love the paper banner, but you better watch out for Doughboy now that he's out and about. I have a feeling he's related to the mischievous elf on a shelf!

    Wishing you and your family a bright sunny Canada Day!

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  5. everything looks amazing!You certainly have a unique and interesting home, I could just look at everything for hours, now thats the way to decorate, I love your style!!

  6. Thanks for the Canada Day banner idea! I sized it so two flags would fit on an 8.5 x 11 page, and tacked some trimmed down book pages to my regular printer paper. Turned out great! Have a happy Canada Day,Barb

  7. o my I am wanting to come to Canada...O it would be cooler then Texas. We used to joke,put a hinge on the panhandle and pick up the toe in Brownsville turn over like a calender and you are almost in Canada...but again I love each item you created...The cars you have as part of these looks are the best....I always try to see if I can find a little Willy Jeep pickup...that is my dream car...then a Jaguar ...Girls can dream...

    You did see my email and post about your nomination by me for a Liebster award your blog

  8. I love, love, love your decorations and Happy Canada Day eh! Also, that badge you made would make a wonderful bloggy button, wouldn't it????

  9. I can't believe how much I love your blog. I mean, I love love love it! Your style just really resonates with me; it's fun, fresh, imaginative, sentimental, personally meaningful, and all so uniquely yours. I look forward to each and every post. Happy Canada Day! (And now I'm going to go make some flag bunting with twine for my 4th of July front door.)

  10. Happy Canada day to you, too! You have the best styling in your photographs....and of course.....I love all the maple leaves!


  11. Tracy you really do it up right for Canada Day. You have inspired me with your decorations. I'm pinning the flag printed on sheet music. That's a brilliant idea. I will see if I can't make up something with our flag. It's also amazing that you have that old photo with your husband's descendants. It's so very cool. The map with the heart is another idea I'd love to recreate with maybe just a map of Florida. You have inspired me this morning. I guess I should get moving. Looks like I have a lot of new projects on my list now. :) Thank you for the ideas.

  12. Hey Tracy! I resurfaced this cool post because I fell in love with your Canadian banner all over again. :) I hope you don't mind, but I'd LOVE to feature it in this weekend's upcoming patriotic themed linkup on Funky Junk!


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