Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Queen is in my Kitchen!

Trendy Union Jacks

Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee

2012 London Olympics

Okay, I'm on the bandwagon.
But not until we found this crazy waving Queen at Chapters last week.
She was $20 but I had to have her because she cracks me up.

Our kitchen shelves are now an ode to the Queen & her country.

That nimble Doughboy shimmied up one shelf and switched flags -- I was four when we adopted our Maple Leaf flag but I remember the Union Jack flying.

The teapot and juicer belonged to Grandma Gladys. 

The sweet little banner and calico flag came from this magazine. I never buy magazines that are zipped up in plastic and after I bought this one I remembered why. The paper cutouts were adorable though as is the pattern for the union jack pillow.

This little die cast trailer is the one that started my collection.
It's a Corgi and was made in Great Britain. The awning pulls out too.

I robbed Macy's piggy bank for the display. Not the contents, just the bank.

My favourite bit (other than our solar powered waving Queenie) is the picture.
I found the silhouette here. I layered it over old digital newspaper
and a distressed union jack over that and...

Bob's your uncle!

Enjoy your time watching the Olympics and cheering for your country!

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Monday, July 23, 2012

This Way to the Garden...

I've had a sign in mind for weeks now and much to my frustration, it just wasn't coming together.

Vickie's Beach Sign

Enter inspiration from:

Vickie at Ranger 911's scrumptious beach sign. I loved the soft colours, shape and shading...

 ... and this cute garden shed sign.

A few minutes at the computer and I was in business. I loved the pointing finger and bird. I wanted a lady's hand and actually found free brushes here. In flew the chickadee (we love our chickadees) and then the shape (banner 3 in Photo Shop Elements' shape templates). I used one of my favourite fonts, Muffaroo, and added the shading in PSE. I haven't the skills of the artiste Vickie to free hand it yet. :)

Out came the trusty ole fence boards, jigsaw and graphite paper. I cut the shape first and transferred the design after sanding the edges.

The font I chose is wiggly, and I'm not sure I'd choose it again for a sign, but I like it. Michael's was out of fine tipped paint pens so I used a Sharpie Brush Tip. I don't think I'll do that again either. It required a light touch and my lines could be much better. As well, the black is a bit purple compared to the paint, so I will paint another for outdoors. After drying overnight we were ready for sanding.

Even before the edges were painted my assistant was trying the sign on for size.

I love how these old fence boards show the wood grain in the lettering after a light sanding. I thought I would paint a thin blue line just inside the outside edge, but my assistant said "Mom, less is more". I guess they do listen sometimes. :)

This is where I intended to hang my sign... coming around the side of the house to the back yard. One of my favourite plants, the flowering raspberry, is doing fantastic here in this shady spot. I love how the flowers look so similar to our Wild Alberta Rose.

It is not even close to the sign I thought I'd be making this week, but I love it. It's amazing what a little friendly inspiration will do for you. 

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Monday, July 16, 2012

The Adventures of Doughboy & Remy: The Great Escape

As I mentioned in my Canada Day post, Doughboy somehow escaped from the Sunbeam on the counter and appeared here:

How it happened, we didn't know. Until now...
(press play on The Great Escape music link at right)

We didn't notice anything out of the ordinary on the kitchen counter...

We didn't even hear any scampering across the backsplash...

But Doughboy must have known he was coming. It was none other than...

Remy. Of Ratatouille fame.

A quick zipline escape to the waiting getaway car...

And they made a run for the front door!

Doughboy gave one glance back... at least we think it was Doughboy...

He lost his disguise on the sharp left turn.

They headed for the flower bed at high speed.

Doughboy & Remy laid low overnight being careful to avoid detection by local hares and magpies. (They can make a heck of a mess out of vinyl and stuffys).

The next thing we knew Doughboy had taken a new post on the kitchen corner cupboard. Remy, well, we're not sure where he's hiding. We are a little nervous about where he'll turn up next. Stay tuned for the next exciting adventure of Doughboy & Remy, Small Chefs at Large.

Doughboy..... himself
Remy.......... himself

Miss Macy.... Stylist, Idea Queen & Stunts
Tracy...... Photographer & Blog

Special thanks to Max for not chewing any of the actors.

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Friday, July 13, 2012

Hot Diggity Dog Bed

Like most dogs, Max likes to be wherever we are. Or more specifically, wherever I am. Mr. CF calls him my boyfriend. Max doesn't get to come up on the furniture, but I like to have him snuggleable, so I decided that I wanted to make him a raised bed. Finding the appropriate end table (in my price range) took even longer than finding a spice cabinet.

Luckily I had my two assistants with me when I found one this week. It was $15, marked down from $25. It still seemed a bit steep, but was solid wood,
so we brought it home.

It didn't have a mark on the top... until I had Max try it on.
He is not much for slick surfaces and clung on for dear life.

I thought I wanted it white... until it was painted. Ho hum. So I had a custom shade made at my local paint shop from what was in our leftover paint cans. I used a bit of Meeting House White, from the beadboard in the kitchen, mixed with Sea Life from two of Macy's bedroom walls. One was semi-gloss and the other eggshell, but they were both Behr Premium Plus Ultra and it worked just fine. Painting in the heat was a new experience... usually we are waiting for it to be warm enough to paint. Here I'm hiding in a strip of shade between the garage and the deck. It was still much too warm to be painting -- but I was on a mission.

Now we can keep Max close and still have a surface for bevys and snacks... oh.
On second thought it might not be a good place to put snacks.

I found a bright coral bath mat on clearance at WalMart for $6. It's rubber backed and won't slip, gives Max a firm footing and cushy surface, plus I can toss it in
the wash. He loves his new perch and knows already that it is his spot.

I could use it for an end table too. With Max's permission, of course. 

For now it's Max's perch; he'll be able to have a bird's eye view and maybe get
in on a game or two when Macy and I are hangin' in the shade.
We'll keep the snacks on another table. 

** 'Hot Diggity Dog Bed' custom post title courtesy the lovely and talented Parade Marshal Vickie at Ranger 911. She should be busy right now getting her vintage bicycle decorated up and ready to ride in the Grand Jubilee tomorrow.
Thanks Vickie!

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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Spicing Things Up...

This past Christmas Mr. CF & Missy CF gave me a lovely little collection of vintage spice tins. Miss M did all the wrapping herself... not noting that most tins still had their contents inside -- and were not closed. The cayenne pepper tin created quite the spectacular sneeze fest (much to everyone else's entertainment). I definitely remember the smaller tins at top from my childhood and mom remembers the others well. The allspice tin is my favourite... wonder why. :)

How can it be that you see a million spice racks in the thrift stores until you need one? It took me six months to find this baby. I plunked down my $2 and skipped home.

I finally got around to fixing the one broken drawer and doing the painting.  Just a tip: don't talk on the phone whilst painting. During the first coat I totally missed the bottoms of both shelves and they'll be visible where it will hang. No high score on the multi-tasking scoreboard that day.

About the only space I have left in my kitchen to hang anything was here, which meant finding a spice rack no wider than 12". You can barely see the thermometer outside the window.... wrapped to 32C. I'm taking my lime fizzy and heading to the lower level where the temperature is more humane. My beverage of choice at home: A tbsp. or so of frozen lime concentrate gently mixed with a can of club soda. Ice cold fizzy goodness. And it's greeny turquoisey in that glass. Can't possibly go wrong with a combo like that.

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Monday, July 9, 2012

Beat the Heat

It has been 31C and the Weather Network says it feels like 35C, which is 95F. This is not the norm for us and although we do get a bit of this every summer it is not something we're used too. We were boating on the weekend and I bobbed around in the water for much longer than usual just to cool off. The peonies have just about had it.

Today we're hangin' at home and this is how we stay cool... the sprinkler for her...

... and one of these for me.

I don't drink coffee or tea but have an, ahem, Diet Coke thing. I did quit cold turkey about five years ago, but lately I have a thing for fountain pop. And new issues of Vintage Style. And scratching Max's ears while I sit by the shade garden listening to summer shrieks of a girl in the sprinkler.

Next on the agenda was a new Yahtzee card game... it was fun. She won.

Then Macy's next door buddy arrived and the sprinkler challenge was on. I retreated to the cool of my desk but not before snapping a few yard photos...

The dwarf delphiniums have started to bloom in the fairy garden!

We love their blue with purple highlights.

Our premier attempt at planting pumpkins. The first flowers have appeared... hopefully we will have Baby Boo's (the small white cuties) this fall.

I love cosmos & planted Picotee for the first time this year.
 I think I have a new favourite.

Even more shrieks of laughter drew me up from the un-airconditioned, but cool, area at my computer. I stopped to get a shot of the front flower bed progress before seeing this:

A full-fledged water fight in progress.

Good old fashioned summer fun.

You just can't beat it.

Thanks for stopping by. Stay cool!

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