The Queen is in my Kitchen!

Trendy Union Jacks

Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee

2012 London Olympics

Okay, I'm on the bandwagon.
But not until we found this crazy waving Queen at Chapters last week.
She was $20 but I had to have her because she cracks me up.

Our kitchen shelves are now an ode to the Queen & her country.

That nimble Doughboy shimmied up one shelf and switched flags -- I was four when we adopted our Maple Leaf flag but I remember the Union Jack flying.

The teapot and juicer belonged to Grandma Gladys. 

The sweet little banner and calico flag came from this magazine. I never buy magazines that are zipped up in plastic and after I bought this one I remembered why. The paper cutouts were adorable though as is the pattern for the union jack pillow.

This little die cast trailer is the one that started my collection.
It's a Corgi and was made in Great Britain. The awning pulls out too.

I robbed Macy's piggy bank for the display. Not the contents, just the bank.

My favourite bit (other than our solar powered waving Queenie) is the picture.
I found the silhouette here. I layered it over old digital newspaper
and a distressed union jack over that and...

Bob's your uncle!

Enjoy your time watching the Olympics and cheering for your country!

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  1. O you need a pic of her being excorted with OO7 to the Heli...with the Corgis...I giggled and thought what a great sport...and people can say what they want...they showed great pride in their country and what they have to be proud of...and they deserve kuddos for making it about pride in country and great music....hey Jude...Paul sounded choked up to start....Love what you did...and think I will try for somekind of Olympic fun.....

  2. Hehehe!! Generations from now your ancestors will be going through boxes of artifacts and wonder, "Is this what great-great Grandma Tracy collected as art?" She cracks me up too! Your corner looks so festive with your signature blue and red. The banner is adorable and so is the borrowed bank. Do you have a vintage car and camper for every occasion?! (I bought myself a new truck yesterday, so I've got the same addiction.)

    I scrolled back to check, and yes, Queen Elizabeth and Doughboy are the about the same size. I see that twosome having an outing together. She may look prim and proper, but I bet she could let her hair down and have a jolly good time!


  3. You are Canadian, you like crows, and you paint signs...ah a fellow blogger. Horray!

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  4. No one puts together a timely vignette like you do. This is the cutest thing I've ever seen, replacing your maple leaf mantel which is now second place. I think that means you win a gold and silver!

  5. How fun! I love that sweet little banner! I had that same Pillsbury dough boy, and the dough girl when i was little. Not sure what ever happened to them!

  6. Your shelves are just getting cuter every time I visit. I love the waving Queen. A great conversation piece to hang on to. The Corgi trailer must be a collector's item now. It's really cute! Have a great day! Pamela

  7. Your figure of Queen Liz is hilarious! .. and I haven't seen one of these toy caravans for a really long time .. some of my older cousins had quite a collection of vehicles and being slightly younger plus being female , were not allowed to touch.
    Now I haven't got a clue how your Queen Liz got over to you but to me, Doughboy steals the show, he is just so gorgeous :)
    He used to be on TV ads during the late 80's/ early 90's in the UK, not seen the little cutie since though :(

  8. Your waving Queen is too cute! Such a cute banner and out of a magazine, Brilliant! Thanks for sharing on Simple & Sweet Fridays.


  9. Love your frame with the silhouette over the union jack... just great!
    (Fellow Canadian blogger)

  10. I saw the waving queen in a store in Boulder Colorado. I am not British but she made me laugh as well. It is really funny in person. Love your collection.

  11. How cute! Love all your goodies!
    Have a good night~

  12. My daughter has the same "Queen" and I love it! Loving your Royal theme!!

  13. My youngest and I did have a blast watching numerous events during the Olympic coverage complete with wild shouts and intense clapping when our team won. The ode to the Queen is terrific. Love the decoupage idea. That turned out so well. Forgot to mention again that I love the latest in the changing vintage photos. That's entirely too cute!


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