Spicing Things Up...

This past Christmas Mr. CF & Missy CF gave me a lovely little collection of vintage spice tins. Miss M did all the wrapping herself... not noting that most tins still had their contents inside -- and were not closed. The cayenne pepper tin created quite the spectacular sneeze fest (much to everyone else's entertainment). I definitely remember the smaller tins at top from my childhood and mom remembers the others well. The allspice tin is my favourite... wonder why. :)

How can it be that you see a million spice racks in the thrift stores until you need one? It took me six months to find this baby. I plunked down my $2 and skipped home.

I finally got around to fixing the one broken drawer and doing the painting.  Just a tip: don't talk on the phone whilst painting. During the first coat I totally missed the bottoms of both shelves and they'll be visible where it will hang. No high score on the multi-tasking scoreboard that day.

About the only space I have left in my kitchen to hang anything was here, which meant finding a spice rack no wider than 12". You can barely see the thermometer outside the window.... wrapped to 32C. I'm taking my lime fizzy and heading to the lower level where the temperature is more humane. My beverage of choice at home: A tbsp. or so of frozen lime concentrate gently mixed with a can of club soda. Ice cold fizzy goodness. And it's greeny turquoisey in that glass. Can't possibly go wrong with a combo like that.

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  1. The allspice is my favorite, too! Your family gets an "A" for picking out a good vintage gift in all the right colors. And the toaster is retrolicious!

    Perfect spot for the rejuvenated spice cabinet, but inquiring minds want to know, what's in the drawers? I'm guessing chocolate. Or car keys. Matches? Oh, I know! He's fat and white.

  2. I LOVE LOVE that toaster as well, you spice shelf looks great, everything looks great!

  3. What a perfect pretty accent for your kitchen. Colorful old spice tins always make me feel happy for some reason. They're just... cute!

  4. Love all you old spice tins. Great job on painting the shelf white. It adds so much to your kitchen now. Perfect!


  5. What you said about thrift stores is so true. I almost dread going when I'm looking for something in particular...because I rarely find it. Your spice rack is so cute and and I love it's fresh new look. Good Job!


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