Wednesday, August 29, 2012

New Antlers, Same Old Cupboard

I wasn't planning on giving you a repeat viewing of my cupboard so soon, but when Mr. CF put the kibosh on where I'd planned to hang my latest antler project,
this is what I came up with. 

Start with a set of 35+ year old deer antlers from your parent's attic.

Add paint you already have on hand and beverage(s) of your choice.

I just didn't 'get' the whole chevron thing.

Maybe because it looks too much like the tire tracks left by the vehicle that
drove through my wildflower bed behind my back fence (twice) this summer.

I do like the ombre trend though...

Attempt #1. The gradient is a bit too subtle maybe. I'll remember that for my
next ombre paint project,if that day ever comes.

I covered the skull with batting and found out that regular gunny sack burlap is much too thick. A WalMart fat quarter of burlap was $5, thinner, and comes in two colours. Perfect. After using the hot glue gun on a hot afternoon in the middle of a hot flash, it was attached. Not nearly as smooth as I would like, but I'll take it.

The base was $3.14 with my coupon at Michael's. Painted, sanded, antiqued, and Mr. CF helped me attach this baby to the board with 3" deck screws.

I then proceeded into the family room to hang my prize over a vintage
painting and that is where Mr. CF's cooperation abruptly ended.

What man doesn't want a set of turquoise antlers hanging near the TV?

I think I like them here better anyway (shhhh). I didn't notice until I had them up on the wall how wonky they are. This poor buck didn't have the most beautiful rack
(or the best luck) but I quite like them now in ombre turquoise.

Mr. CF is happy and that is important. You never know when you will need
a willing assistant in your crafty DIY adventures.

Right, deer?

**Edited to add: Mr. CF just told me that my antlers are upside down.
NOW he tells me.  My Dad says they aren't upside down, they just need to be pointed upwards more. It also has to do with how they were removed from the... host. Whew. Nothing like an antler faux pas. :)

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Monday, August 27, 2012

Doughboy & Remy: Summer Fun

It's been quiet around here this summer.
(Click Summer Fun music clip at right)
Doughboy and Remy are getting out as often as they can before the snow flies and makes it much too
dangerous for Doughboy to venture out.

They've taken drives in the country...

Done some rock climbing in the Alberta Badlands...

Visited the Fairy Garden Spa... Don't ask what Doughboy is up to.
(I think they were banned after this incident.)

Hit the outdoor pool and hot tub...

Worked on a duet when the weather was inclement...

Nervously boated on Gull Lake...
(It's not called Gull Lake for nothin')

Got in a bit of jet skiing...

Had a little Titanic moment...

Climbed trees...

Photo Source
Caught a drive-in movie...

And took long walks in fields of wildflowers.

Life is good for the friends. And quiet. For now.


Doughboy..... himself
Remy.......... himself

Miss Macy.... Stylist, Idea Queen & Stunts
Tracy...... Photographer & Blog

Special thanks to Max for still not chewing any of the actors.

**If you liked this you will probably love their first episode.

Thanks for watching!

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Always Been a Fan of Turquoise...

I found one!
A turquoise fan. I have wanted a retro fan forever. I've always loved turquoise. Way before it was cool.
Well, it was cool back then too...

March 1969
This is the 1963 house I grew up in -- it is in the same city we live in now. Our kitchen was turquoise too. 

The trim on our holiday trailer was turquoise...

See... I come by it honestly.

Pinterest Source
The funny thing is that I just Pinned this image 6 weeks ago because I liked it.

I didn't even realize until later that it was identical to mine. It still works, oscillation and all. We'll just keep it unplugged and perched up high in case little people come by. We don't want anyone losing a digit.

It goes perfectly with my retro fiesta wear platter, found on a little holiday to Montana, and vintage vase, a gift from my dear vintage neighbour Louise.

This little cutie on the front step is Louise
with her mother in 1944.

The photo is of my mom and two of her sisters on the first day of school... circa 1950. The window was a gift from my next-door-neighbour Geri. She knows the kind of good stuff I like. I love the little sliding window in the center. It still slides.

Zinnias, Shasta Daisy "Ice Star", Lady's Mantle blossoms and Yarrow from my garden. Both of my grandmothers crocheted and I love neutral crochet thread a la thrift store!

This cupboard, one of my favourites, was built by my great grandfather Sid as a linen cupboard in the early 1900's. I painted it about 20 years ago when I was lucky enough to receive it. It was originally black, then gold, then light blue. I love the extra storage it provides.

The train step was my grandfather's. Now it is Max's step so he can peek out the window to see what's shakin' in the neighbourhood.
(That's why the blind is raised too.)

Great Grandpa Sid the cupboard maker, Great Grandma Eliza Anne, and Grandma Gladys circa 1922. This would have been the second house the cupboard was in.

Everything here has a little story, except for the fan. I'll let that slide since it is turquoise. I'm a fan of that.

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Before & After - Yard & Garden Tour

Our Painted Lady Butterfly 'Shirley' - August 13, 2012.
Three years ago we moved to a mature neighbourhood in our Zone 3 city where we loved the trees and the birds that live in them.

The yard at our new 44 year old house was sadly neglected. A small budget and hard work really can make a difference in three years...


*BEFORE pics taken two months prior to moving in when the Home Inspector was doing his thing. On his official report he noted that the kitchen was 'hideous'.
Oh wait, maybe that was me.

Spring 2009
August 2012
There is still a lot to be done in the front shade garden up against the house, but we're getting there. The small tree is an amur cherry; we had two at our first house and they are a gorgeous, easy to grow tree. Hopefully the new front deck and stairs will go on next summer. It's time for that 1965 railing to say good-bye.

Spring 2009
August 2012
We knew the backyard needed a lot of work...
little by little we've made some changes.

We love sitting out in the yard now watching the birds at the fountain and the feeders...

Wait... that's no bird!!

Spring 2009
June 2012

The house had not been parged or backfilled properly after the addition to the house and the garage were built. Hello loads and loads of clay, black dirt & hard work. Thank you Mr. C.F. & Uncle Bradley. Now it's perfect for running through the sprinkler!

Spring 2009
August 2012
We removed this lower deck and walkway the first summer. I say 'we' but you know it wasn't me that did all the demolition & digging out of the footings.  We added stepping stones, grass seed & a serviceberry tree. The flowering raspberry was added summer 2010.

Spring 2009
July 2009
This is what was left for us at the spruce tree. (The upper pic, not the sweetie in the lower pic.) The garbage was annoying but far worse was the fact that they had used the poor tree and fence for a paintball target. I scrubbed and scrubbed. The tree had already been limbed up so... we used the wood & screws from the deck we removed beside the house to build this deck under the spruce. Nothing brings small birds to a yard like an evergreen.

Left  Checking the insulation on the addition.
Not my department.

Right  Mr. C.F. and I built the arbor two summers ago; the honeysuckle, left, is making slow progress. Our neighbour friend Louise gave us some canary creeper seeds (an annual), right, and they are growing like mad. The sweet peas were a total failure this summer.
Not sure what is up with that.

July 2011
In previous years the south side of the house was the perfect place for our sweet peas and monkshood.

By September 2011 we had to brace our sweet pea jungle.

Canary Creeper - An annual that grows like crazy and has funky leaves and delicate flowers.

July 2011
July 2012
The flowering raspberry was planted in July 2010. It is a wonderful zone 2 plant that flowers in the shade. I wanted it to hide the view from the gate so we didn't have to look at the wheelbarrow on the side of the garage. It will grow to 10 feet wide and about six feet high. It is supposed to have small berries, but ours hasn't produced any fruit yet. Unless, that is, a small black fruit-loving dog has been nibbling them.

Spring 2009
August 2012
Not quite the same angle, but you get the idea. We made our first attempt at planting pumpkins in the 1/2 oak barrel beside the lavatera this spring. I found out last week that pumpkins will flower, but not produce in a container. Oops. Luckily I planted one in the bed out front by mistake. It is taking over the front yard.
We may have Baby Boos after all!

Clustered Bellflower and False Sunflower (I think)
Lavatera and Mandarin Honeysuckle at the base of the arbor

Summer 2011 hail storm and view of 46 year old corner hedge
August 2012
My new front flower bed that you're all on a first name basis with by now. :)

Orange Cosmos & Zinnias - Super easy to grow from seed!
Orange Cosmos & friend

Creeping Bellflower, a perennial weed.

This poor little bed has seen better days. Our cute globe spruce that was in the center didn't survive our winters  and the sunflowers are courtesy of the birds. There are oodles of Creeping Bellflower taking over but I had to leave them until they were finished flowering as the bees love them. These pretty weeds are very invasive and thrive in part shade. They totally crowded out my purple coneflowers. Apparently they are tough to get rid of. Wish me luck. 

Macy is on SLUG PATROL. We have been invaded back here and I learned from a bloggy friend that slugs love mulch. Hello - we have a slug hotel here! Diligent removal by my number one slug slayer is the key. That whole beer bait thing is icky. It is no fun disposing of the bodies from the beer soup.
Mr. C.F. prefers not to share with the slugs anyway.

I have all winter to plan my revamped fountain flower bed. We have had plans for the garden shed too but I am not sure if it will be the front deck or garden shed that gets our time and small yard budget next summer. Or perhaps staining the deck. Hmm. I'll keep you posted.

In the meantime I'll just leave you to wonder what Doughboy was up to in the fairy garden, eh.

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