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I had to whip up a cozy for my iPhone after my daily visit to Sara's Tangled Happy blog where she featured this cute camera bag on the 7th...
by Haak & Smaak

 I used leftover bits from a light 2 weight to a chunky 5 and came up with this. I've made oodles of iPod covers for Macy so the body was a cinch. I used a smaller version of the lens pattern that Daphne posted with her adorable bag and now I have a new cozy to keep my phone safe in the depths of my purse.

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  1. Love Canadian content. I am a former AB now live on Vanc.Island, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.I just followed and am adding your blog to my blog list so I remember to visit again.

  2. Your phone cozy is the cutest thing! I don't have a smart phone or Instagram but I want a cozy like that, haha! I'm going to share it with my facebook you have a fb page for your blog?

    Shasta @InTheOldRoad

  3. So cute, sewing is my one weakness. And a long long long time from knitting...thank you for the kind comment....and would love some Canada cool...another 100....but I should not complain...not after 2011
    way cute....

  4. Adorable! (it would ba a little large for my "vintage" cell phone.)I had hoped to learn to crochet before I had grand children. I even bought myself a diy book, but the grands arrived before I could get started. On my to do list. They'll have to settle for knit hats and Christmas socks for now. :@

    *I think Macy looks like your mother in the photo at the top of your sidebar.

  5. So cool my pattern was your inspiration to make a phone cozy! I think you are my inspiration now :) I love the phone cozy <3
    Thank you :D

  6. such an adorable cozy, tracy:) i'm not sure why, but, i cannot get the hang of crocheting:(

  7. What a talent to be able to create such a cool cover for your phone. I've seen people make amazing camera covers out of a variety of materials and my daughter, when she was around 14 years old knitted her own cover that was used for a long time. I have no such skills (her Aunt Mary taught her to knit), so I am always in awe of those who can knit and crochet such artistic and purposeful items. Just too cute! I'm officially jealous of your cool style.


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