Doughboy & Remy: Summer Fun

It's been quiet around here this summer.
(Click Summer Fun music clip at right)
Doughboy and Remy are getting out as often as they can before the snow flies and makes it much too
dangerous for Doughboy to venture out.

They've taken drives in the country...

Done some rock climbing in the Alberta Badlands...

Visited the Fairy Garden Spa... Don't ask what Doughboy is up to.
(I think they were banned after this incident.)

Hit the outdoor pool and hot tub...

Worked on a duet when the weather was inclement...

Nervously boated on Gull Lake...
(It's not called Gull Lake for nothin')

Got in a bit of jet skiing...

Had a little Titanic moment...

Climbed trees...

Photo Source
Caught a drive-in movie...

And took long walks in fields of wildflowers.

Life is good for the friends. And quiet. For now.


Doughboy..... himself
Remy.......... himself

Miss Macy.... Stylist, Idea Queen & Stunts
Tracy...... Photographer & Blog

Special thanks to Max for still not chewing any of the actors.

**If you liked this you will probably love their first episode.

Thanks for watching!

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  1. Tracy, Thank you for another lovely chuckle. I so enjoy the escapades of Doughboy and Remy. Looks like you had a great Canadian Summer. Did you get hit with any of the enormous hail? Hugs, Dawna

  2. Oh my gave me a chuckle this morning I was lucky I found the dough-boy and girl at my local GW for $2 never knew there was a girl one

  3. Hehehehehe!! Now my day is off to a great start! I'm so glad the duo had a fun filled summer enjoying the beauty of the great outdoors. Swimming, jet skiing, hot tubbing, drive-in movie,(none of those left around here) nature wonder they're so skinny! I'm glad they fit in a little culture with time spent at the piano. Do you think we could hear their duet in the next installment?

    Thanks to the M gang for producing this outstanding feature!!!

  4. I needed a laugh and thank you for a giggly fun

  5. I had to come back for a second look. You've really made the pair come to life! And I forgot to mention the life jackets. Crochet genius!

  6. This is tons cuter that Flat Stanley. Our cub scout pack has a bear that takes adventures with each of the scouts.

  7. Oh that was just so much fun!!!! Loved it.

  8. Hilarious! I'm calling over my kids to see.

  9. I wish I got to do all those things! Love the jet skis. This post was so cute!

  10. This is hysterical! I love the nervous boating shot ...

    Thanks for the smiles ...



  11. First it was the blue antlers and now I just discovered this post - Doughboy and Remy, OMG! MML

    You've just leapt onto my top 10 blogodacious blogs. I'm your newest follower!

  12. I adore Remy and Doughboy! They've been spotted by the paparazzi on Friday Finds.

  13. Remy and Doughboy are superstars of the film world! I could watch their adventures all day. Miss Macy is a talented stylist. Please thank her for her work to entertain us. She succeeded! Seriously great photos, Tracy!


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