Free Potion Jar Label Printable

Just in case you have an urgent need to enhance your wrinkles in time for Halloween
(or add another potion jar to your apothecary) I have made a printable label for you. 

This fit perfectly on a maple syrup jar filled with water, drop or two of vanilla, and a dash of green food colouring. 

My free labels are for personal use only. Light commercial use is included with my purchased labels. 

If you are in need of more labels for your witches pantry, please visit my Etsy Store. 


Click on the label image to enlarge, then save to your computer.


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  1. These are fantastic, I'm pinning.

  2. Too funny! I may have to print one out and put a bottle in my medicine cabinet. Snoopy visitors would get a big surprise, don't you think?

    We've got 6 inches of snow on the ground, so I don't think we'll get many visitors on Tuesday. I hope the weather holds out for you and you have a fabulous Halloween bash!


I really appreciate your visit and comments! :)