Friday, March 30, 2012

My Craft Room

My turquoise room. Now that it is all tidied up I may actually MAKE something in here. Usually we are painting on the kitchen island or building something on the potting bench. It is a great place for storage and Macy says she could sit in here and read all day (and that makes me happy). I painted the walls when we moved in three summers ago; I was inspired by Alicia Paulson's so very cute sewing room. I cannot find a link to studio photos, and she has since repainted to the colour of our bedroom. I am sure the old pictures are there somewhere and when I can find a link I will add it. My tastes have changed in three years, but everything in here still makes me smile.

We live in a circa 1965 split level, so this is one of the two small bedrooms on the lower level. This is what you see when you walk by. You used to see more, but I finally put a few things away. My paternal grandfather made the sewing cabinet for my mom in the seventies -- more great storage. It needs to be white. On my list.

The window faces east so the light is quite good.  The small green cabinet was from a friend's kitchen when she remodelled. My dear friend Carrey gave me the great table... boy, did they ever make things sturdy way back when!

Pretty much everything in here I have had for ages... like my eighties shelf. The cut out hearts will come back in style again.... maybe. 

This is newer -- I loved the poster I saw on etsy and had to make my own version. One of the things my nieces and I loved to do back in the eighties was feed french fries to the seagulls. Now my daughter and I do it and it is always good for some laughs.

I love this old plate, it cracks me up. Grandma Gladys had a huge pink 50's travel trailer -- what I wouldn't give for a colour photo of all of us in front of it. The flash card is one of the set mom bought in the sixties. The photo in the clock was taken in 1875 and has a few of my husband's ancestors in it. That's a good post for another day.

Macy's reading corner and my pillow top (inspired by Lucy at Attic 24) that I finally found backing for. I must get that put together. Note the extension cord. One thing about older houses, you get the bare minimum of electrical outlets and they're never where you want them.

More old things I've had forever that make me smile. The shadow box has pictures of Macy at three months and my mom and me the same age. Buttons from my great grandma's sewing basket and flowers crocheted by my Aunt Marlene. The wee winged girl is my dear Grandma Becker and the farmhouse is the one my mom was raised in.

One of my all time favourite things: This cupboard was always in my grandpa's wood shop. When Grandpa passed away no one else wanted the old cupboards so I was the lucky girl who took them home. I've painted it twice now and love, love it. It holds so many craft supplies (photos to come after a big spring cleaning) and I love the little side bit for displays. The plain ole mirror came out of the ladies washroom in a curling rink somewhere in rural Alberta.

My lovely assistant waving. She was in school this morning so that is why I have the lens cap cover in a photo I took today. She is great at catching those things and offering display suggestions. It is she in the silhouette at age seven -- I love making digital silhouettes... so easy peasy. I made the Keep Calm & Carry Yarn mini poster and the pillows too. Way back when I quilted as much as I crochet now.

Even more storage. Must get busy on painting frames and framing a whole lot of family portraits for a photo wall at Mom's. Then I will be able to get rid of at least two boxes in there. The weather is almost warm enough to spray paint outside. Happy days.

I love this china cabinet. I would have loved an old, old cupboard, but we found this sixties number and I painted it and changed the knobs. More great storage and display space and it is so sturdy. 

I fancied up a set of antler's (no shortage of those when you grew up eating game) and they have always been one of my favourite things about this room. My husband took the photo of Macy when she was three. It's one of my most favourite pictures of her ever. Max's favourite is the treats that are always on hand in the canister. He may even get a few more of them now that we can move around in here and make something! Thanks for visiting!

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Spring Mantle

We still have the same old fireplace and Canadian Tire sconces that came with the house (they're on my hit list) and the narrow mantle that was designed to hold one, maybe two credit cards. I can't wait to get rid of the lights entirely (and put in an overhead light as we use this room for our dining room) and redo the fireplace in river rock. Someday.

I crocheted my first bunting and WOW, does that add colour! So fast and easy to make too with Crochet with Raymond's perfect (and FREE) Granny Bunting pattern. Thank you Alicia! I have very little DK yarn (no yarn shop in our city either, which should be illegal) so I used what I had on hand -- worsted weight, which worked fine. I am anxious to get to my little yarn shop in a wee town north of here to get something finer to work with. Anyway... I love it.

I also crocheted a few medium and small flowers in DK cotton for the lilac twigs my lovely neighbour unknowingly donated to the cause (she won't mind). I will make a few more to add I think. My two bunnies are hanging on to the bunting ties for dear life so they don't fall off that wafer thin mantle.

Thanks for stopping by!

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Monday, March 26, 2012

Two Minute Art**

**Two minutes if you don't count my five attempts to print with the dictionary paper taped to a sheet of regular paper. I finally gave up and did it the right way by changing the page size to a custom size. As much as I love my iMac, using my Canon i9900 with a PC was much easier. I had actually printed this first on a piece of watercolour paper but it was too stark for this thrift store frame (and my taste). The vintage image is courtesy of The Graphics Fairy of course!

The vintage salt and peppers are my daughter's. A gift from Holly; a dear elderly lady who moved to California from Canada years ago. She lives across the street from my snow bird parents and she sends lovely treasures home for us each spring. Thanks for peeking!

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Pebble Backsplash

It dawned on me that I haven't really posted any close up photos of our pebble backsplash or photos to prove we actually did finish our crown moulding!

I love our beadboard with the pebble backsplash. I have not had any regrets that we didn't tile and the painted surface is holding up perfectly after two years, even by the sink.

I sealed the pebbles with about four coats of regular tile/grout sealer (which reminds me, I should do a touch up soon) and have not had anything not wipe right off. I tape up a fancy paper towel curtain when I'm cooking anything with tomatoes or if Mr. CF is cooking bacon. Of course I don't use the back burners when this is up.

I think the backsplash ended up costing about $80 for the rock, grout & sealer. The fellow that put them up also installed our countertops, scroll down for photo here, so that cost wasn't figured in to the $80. A very reasonable alternative to tile and I love the look.

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Friday, March 16, 2012

Crochet Canada

One of my most treasured pieces is this blue linen cupboard. It was made by my paternal great grandfather Syd; his wife Eliza Anne crocheted the lace around the bunny's neck. It is she who is feeding the chickens (in my banner above) amidst a group of guests seated in the shade of their first farmhouse in Alberta, circa 1910. 

I decided that I needed a crocheted flag pillow, and here is my first attempt. I used Susan's gorgeous maple leaf pattern found here. I am not much of a red person, except when it comes to our flag. I figure I'll be all set for Canada Day in July. And believe me, with it calling for more snow tonight, I am really looking forward to summer!

Syd and Eliza Anne's wedding photo. Ontario, Canada, 1906.

I modified Susan's leaf pattern only slightly (made the bottom two points a bit smaller and the stem shorter) to look a bit more like the maple leaf on our flag. The pillow measures about 5" x 8.5" and is crocheted in hdc's, 100% cotton. I am thinking I may have to add a bit of tea dying. Hmmm...

One of my favourite parts... my dear Aunt Marlene bestowed a wonderful treasure upon me a few weeks ago: A huge flour sack full of flour and sugar sacks that belonged to Eliza Anne, her grandmother. They had not even been taken out of the bag since she put them there at least 60 or 70 years ago. "Anne" had already washed the ink out of most of them, but they were in surprisingly good shape. My aunt remembers that Grandma would make sheets out of the sacks, using flat felled seams. Marlene kept them all these years and then wondered if I'd even be interested in the big old bag of sacks. I thought I'd won the lottery.

I am already working on my second flag. Must get it in the mail for someone special soon. I know I will have no shortage of pillow backing.

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Waiting for Spring

Although it is still snowman building season here we are determined to make it feel like spring inside. Macy loves to decorate so we got a start on the weekend in the entryway. We are loving our new parlour cabinet, purchased from a lovely neighbour across the street. It already had the treadle sewing machine removed when she received it in the 60's. It matches an oak chair of Macy's paternal great grandparent's that sits in the entry.

Unfortunately it will be some time before anything is green  here in Alberta, so our trusty fake fleurs will have to do for now. If anyone needs snow for a display, I'd be happy to ship you some.

We raided my car and trailer collection at my desk for a hint of pink and summer fun to come. The Mr. Peanut salt & peppers are one of my most treasured momentos. They belonged to my maternal grandmother who passed away when I was ten.

The McCoy shoe, bird and chick, porcelain hand, and crochet thread all came from thrift stores. As an added bonus, the small ball of thread had a large piece of beautifully crocheted lace tucked inside! I am always going to peek inside now when I'm thrifting.

Many thanks to Karen, the wonderful Graphics Fairy for snippets from her extensive collection of free vintage art. It was just what we needed to perk up this frame. The eggs on the painted pot on the cabinet are from her site too.

I love this fresh new site as I come downstairs in the morning. Hopefully it will convince Mother Nature to move things along for us. Thanks for visiting!

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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Mason Love

Funky Junk Donna's  Saturday Night Special theme this week is Mason Jars and I can't miss that. I have always loved mason jars... our daughter's name is Mason and although we didn't name her after the jar, you might think I did if you saw my kitchen. The turquoise jars with MASON on them are extra special around here. Another of my favourites is this large jar that Ball made for an anniversary. I spotted it in Target on a trip to Montana a couple of years ago and it had to come home with us. It received a nest and eggs for spring but it usually keeps oodles of marshmallows at the ready for rice krispie treats or s'mores. Max's treats get the Bon Bon jar.

My great grandmother's Sunbeam usually sits where the mason jars are now. I like seeing the eggs in their new spot -- it reminds me that spring may arrive one day. We got a wee bit more snow last night so I'm not holding my breath. Mr. Pillsbury Doughboy was a 1979 mail in offer I got when I first moved out on my own; he's been in every kitchen since!

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