Two Minute Art**

**Two minutes if you don't count my five attempts to print with the dictionary paper taped to a sheet of regular paper. I finally gave up and did it the right way by changing the page size to a custom size. As much as I love my iMac, using my Canon i9900 with a PC was much easier. I had actually printed this first on a piece of watercolour paper but it was too stark for this thrift store frame (and my taste). The vintage image is courtesy of The Graphics Fairy of course!

The vintage salt and peppers are my daughter's. A gift from Holly; a dear elderly lady who moved to California from Canada years ago. She lives across the street from my snow bird parents and she sends lovely treasures home for us each spring. Thanks for peeking!

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  1. Saw your lovely project on The Graphics Fairy. Looks Fantastic! That large Rabbit is cute too.

  2. OMG! Where did you get the lily of the valley rabbit? He's gorgeous!

    1. Thanks Rhissanna. I think I got him at HomeSense (like T.J. Maxx) about five years ago. Sorry, probably won't help much. Lily of the Valley is my birthday month flower - could not pass him up! :)

  3. So pretty! I love the bunny too! So cool with the textured medium on it. The frame is lovely! Thanks for visiting me today. xo wendy


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