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One of my most treasured pieces is this blue linen cupboard. It was made by my paternal great grandfather Syd; his wife Eliza Anne crocheted the lace around the bunny's neck. It is she who is feeding the chickens (in my banner above) amidst a group of guests seated in the shade of their first farmhouse in Alberta, circa 1910. 

I decided that I needed a crocheted flag pillow, and here is my first attempt. I used Susan's gorgeous maple leaf pattern found here. I am not much of a red person, except when it comes to our flag. I figure I'll be all set for Canada Day in July. And believe me, with it calling for more snow tonight, I am really looking forward to summer!

Syd and Eliza Anne's wedding photo. Ontario, Canada, 1906.

I modified Susan's leaf pattern only slightly (made the bottom two points a bit smaller and the stem shorter) to look a bit more like the maple leaf on our flag. The pillow measures about 5" x 8.5" and is crocheted in hdc's, 100% cotton. I am thinking I may have to add a bit of tea dying. Hmmm...

One of my favourite parts... my dear Aunt Marlene bestowed a wonderful treasure upon me a few weeks ago: A huge flour sack full of flour and sugar sacks that belonged to Eliza Anne, her grandmother. They had not even been taken out of the bag since she put them there at least 60 or 70 years ago. "Anne" had already washed the ink out of most of them, but they were in surprisingly good shape. My aunt remembers that Grandma would make sheets out of the sacks, using flat felled seams. Marlene kept them all these years and then wondered if I'd even be interested in the big old bag of sacks. I thought I'd won the lottery.

I am already working on my second flag. Must get it in the mail for someone special soon. I know I will have no shortage of pillow backing.

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  1. What a lovely pillow and a lovely story!

    And it made me chuckle when I saw "the best thing about being 50 is you're in your own vintage photos" ...


    So very, very happy that you linked up to our Pillopalooza slumber party!


  2. I love this pillow. It's so bright and looks like it came straight from Anthro :)

    Thanks for linking to the Pillowpalooza party!


  3. Love the pillow. First time here...looks to be an interesting place to visit. ::


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