Spring Mantle

We still have the same old fireplace and Canadian Tire sconces that came with the house (they're on my hit list) and the narrow mantle that was designed to hold one, maybe two credit cards. I can't wait to get rid of the lights entirely (and put in an overhead light as we use this room for our dining room) and redo the fireplace in river rock. Someday.

I crocheted my first bunting and WOW, does that add colour! So fast and easy to make too with Crochet with Raymond's perfect (and FREE) Granny Bunting pattern. Thank you Alicia! I have very little DK yarn (no yarn shop in our city either, which should be illegal) so I used what I had on hand -- worsted weight, which worked fine. I am anxious to get to my little yarn shop in a wee town north of here to get something finer to work with. Anyway... I love it.

I also crocheted a few medium and small flowers in DK cotton for the lilac twigs my lovely neighbour unknowingly donated to the cause (she won't mind). I will make a few more to add I think. My two bunnies are hanging on to the bunting ties for dear life so they don't fall off that wafer thin mantle.

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