Beat the Heat

It has been 31C and the Weather Network says it feels like 35C, which is 95F. This is not the norm for us and although we do get a bit of this every summer it is not something we're used too. We were boating on the weekend and I bobbed around in the water for much longer than usual just to cool off. The peonies have just about had it.

Today we're hangin' at home and this is how we stay cool... the sprinkler for her...

... and one of these for me.

I don't drink coffee or tea but have an, ahem, Diet Coke thing. I did quit cold turkey about five years ago, but lately I have a thing for fountain pop. And new issues of Vintage Style. And scratching Max's ears while I sit by the shade garden listening to summer shrieks of a girl in the sprinkler.

Next on the agenda was a new Yahtzee card game... it was fun. She won.

Then Macy's next door buddy arrived and the sprinkler challenge was on. I retreated to the cool of my desk but not before snapping a few yard photos...

The dwarf delphiniums have started to bloom in the fairy garden!

We love their blue with purple highlights.

Our premier attempt at planting pumpkins. The first flowers have appeared... hopefully we will have Baby Boo's (the small white cuties) this fall.

I love cosmos & planted Picotee for the first time this year.
 I think I have a new favourite.

Even more shrieks of laughter drew me up from the un-airconditioned, but cool, area at my computer. I stopped to get a shot of the front flower bed progress before seeing this:

A full-fledged water fight in progress.

Good old fashioned summer fun.

You just can't beat it.

Thanks for stopping by. Stay cool!


  1. I think those are my new favorites as well, i love your fairy house so much,
    Wonderful photos, big smiles on those happy girls,

  2. Is there any better way to cool off on a hot summer day?! Yes, a good old fashioned water fight (or "accidentally" spraying your sleeping husband while watering the flowers). Your cute little cosmos are a plant I haven't seen before, but will be looking for next year. And the blue delphiniums look like huge flowering trees in your fairy garden. Thanks for the garden, no don't get up. You look much too comfortable sitting there with your magazine and diet Coke. :@

  3. stay cool girlie! we'll take the sun anytime we can get it (way better than the cold snowy winters eh?) looks like summer fun indeed! and YES mcd's has the BEST coke ever (it's always perfect too)

  4. What a delightful afternoon! You captured the carefree and youthful spirit of a hot summer day perfectly.

  5. Lots of water fights here too. Aren't daughters the best?

    I love you fairy house/garden and love knowing there's someone out there who loves a Diet Coke as much as I do.



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