This Way to the Garden...

I've had a sign in mind for weeks now and much to my frustration, it just wasn't coming together.

Vickie's Beach Sign

Enter inspiration from:

Vickie at Ranger 911's scrumptious beach sign. I loved the soft colours, shape and shading...

 ... and this cute garden shed sign.

A few minutes at the computer and I was in business. I loved the pointing finger and bird. I wanted a lady's hand and actually found free brushes here. In flew the chickadee (we love our chickadees) and then the shape (banner 3 in Photo Shop Elements' shape templates). I used one of my favourite fonts, Muffaroo, and added the shading in PSE. I haven't the skills of the artiste Vickie to free hand it yet. :)

Out came the trusty ole fence boards, jigsaw and graphite paper. I cut the shape first and transferred the design after sanding the edges.

The font I chose is wiggly, and I'm not sure I'd choose it again for a sign, but I like it. Michael's was out of fine tipped paint pens so I used a Sharpie Brush Tip. I don't think I'll do that again either. It required a light touch and my lines could be much better. As well, the black is a bit purple compared to the paint, so I will paint another for outdoors. After drying overnight we were ready for sanding.

Even before the edges were painted my assistant was trying the sign on for size.

I love how these old fence boards show the wood grain in the lettering after a light sanding. I thought I would paint a thin blue line just inside the outside edge, but my assistant said "Mom, less is more". I guess they do listen sometimes. :)

This is where I intended to hang my sign... coming around the side of the house to the back yard. One of my favourite plants, the flowering raspberry, is doing fantastic here in this shady spot. I love how the flowers look so similar to our Wild Alberta Rose.

It is not even close to the sign I thought I'd be making this week, but I love it. It's amazing what a little friendly inspiration will do for you. 

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  1. oh my gosh I love how you did this, I have been on an old sign kick and I have been painting them free hand, I never knew you could use these techniques, wow, my free hand sometimes ends up a little crooked and off center! I love the pointing finger!! The chick a dee on it makes it perfect!

  2. love.and your assistant is way cute,love the flowerring raspery....miss the north for berry's....great tut

  3. Absolutely adorable! You had me at chickadee. I think this would look fantastic in my (and this is not meant to be ironical at all) junk heap of a front yard turned garden substitute. We have planters made from junk, lots of concrete and pansies that simply forgot to stop growing and went all incredible Hulk. Maybe my bird should be a sparrow, though- for some obscure reason, they are the only birds apart from pigeons, starlings and two bada$$ birds of prey that want to live in our area!

  4. Look at you!!! You don't need any help, you're already a pro! It's a fabulous sign with great graphics and it looks wonderful whether it's hanging inside or out. And that fence and arbor! Lucky you!

    I've never seen a flowering raspberry bush before, but you can be sure I'll be looking for one next year. If only I could blink my eyes and change the unfortunate color of my fence.

    I see Max lent a helping.....paw. :@

  5. Oops! Forgot to mention your fun new/old photos in your blog header. Cute!

  6. It turned out beautifully! love it!

  7. I just love it! Isn't it funny what we end up doing despite our plans. What a great look you ended up with. I'm jealous. I keep getting distracted. I'm not getting things done like I'd like. You inspire me to get to it!
    PS: I love your changing vintage profile photographs! They are all so cute.

  8. Very Cute!! I love it! And it looks like you have the perfect, beautiful garden to show it off in!

    Leanne @ Because (I think) I Can,
    on facebook:

  9. Too cute!! I now want to make one!!

  10. I love the shape of your sign, and the little bird sitting on the finger is just charming. Really cute!

  11. Thanks for sharing your creative sign on Simple & Sweet Fridays. It's such a cute sign for your beautiful garden!


  12. On the left side I added a rusty latch that fell off of my old toolbox. You might be seeing that toolbox again in the finished living room.
    iron fence panels


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