Instagram & Dust Bath Soup

I inherited Mr. CF's iPhone4s which is lovely, mostly because of Instagram. I'm not much of a texter, but I do like my photos. I needed to nip out into the rain to test it out. So here I am in the shade garden.

Exhibit A: Piece 2 of recently transplanted 45 year old bleeding heart. Doing lovely, and blooming, as are pieces 1 & 3.

Exhibit B: Assorted perennials in bloom and not, in early stages of growth with minimum warmth this spring from Mother Nature.

Exhibit C: Dust Bath Soup. I love this "ceement" birdbath which was bought with gift money from a dear friend, Miss Mo. It did not want to hold water this spring so I used it to make something I've always wanted: a birdy dust bath. One part loam, one part sand, one part ashes. I had great visions of our feathered friends stopping by to have a safe and warm dust bath in a picturesque and cozy setting. A quick bite at a feeder and then they could hop on over to the fountain for a refreshing drink and a dip.

It has been raining for a week on and off (mostly on) and now I have soup. The dang thing now wants to hold water and I have a muddy mess to deal with when the rain stops.

Instagram doesn't reveal such secrets, it just makes photos fun in a jiffy. I'm liking my new toy much more than I'm going to like dealing with that great idea I had for a dust bath.  Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Maybe the birds can have a birdie spa mudbath. I've heard it does wonders for feathers.

  2. Ha, I had exactly the same thought as Vickie about the mudbath. Sometimes I wonder if I've ever had an original thought. I'm off to check out your fairy garden next.

  3. You're funny! A mud bath for birds, you never know they might love it and never leave!


  4. That darn rain is making mud here too. I planted a bunch of flowers in the tray to a toolbox and had it outside on an old ladder, and it rained for days and splatted mud all over the newly painted walls. Seems it's not coming off either! Oh well, before long your bird bath will dry out and you can play at setting up outdoor resorts for your feathered friends again. Then you can take more pics for us with your phone. The bleeding hearts are beautiful!

  5. I know chickens like to roll in the dirt to get bugs off, maybe the birds would love it,


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