Finally, a Porch Swing!

Okay, so I might not fit, but I've got a swing! If you've ever built a house you know how those construction delays happen. Mr. CF and I built this house late last summer and it sat, without the porch roof attached, waiting for me all winter. Mr. CF attached the roof and installed the posts and I was off and running. I couldn't find one single photo of our build, but hey, he had the table saw out and was building at my beck and call... I didn't want to spoil the moment!

I used this photo for inspiration... free plans are linked to the source and now I see they even have the cutting list on there.  We used a 1 1/8" hole for chickadees and nuthatches and resized the interior to suit them. They like it small and cozy. With a swing of course!

I had rocks & glue left over from the Fairy Condo so I had to have a rock chimney. If you are wondering about the fry pan of rocks on the table, that is how you dry your rocks after you had them dry (after three long days) but your husband put them outside in the rain. Works like a charm and they don't stick. :)

Taped up and ready to paint. The only problem was I couldn't decide on the colour. After a coat of the light turquoise I went with the Folk Art Sky Blue.  We used scrap lumber we had on hand so the only cost was the blue paint which was on sale & a coupon, so $2. Oh, and the 99 cents I spent on door number one but didn't use. More on that later.

A coat of spray sealer and some light sanding and then I added the 'swing'. It was a hinge that came with the fence boards I scored when my neighbour took down her old fence. The doorbell came from the bottom of my 25 year old stash of miscellany. Gotta love it when that happens.

A bird's eye view. (Couldn't resist.)

I was really stuck for a front door. After a sweep of my three thrift stores this morning I came upon a fabulous find and skipped home with my 99 cent treasure. Got out the saw, the sander and.... it looked horrible. Back to the drawing board. Came out of the garden shed with a band for attaching downspouts. Brand new, a little bendy-bendy to snap it to the right size, a little sanding, a little paint and I've got a door. The hole was predrilled and I found this old stamped brass thing in a box of odds and ends that we picked up at a garage sale recently. Perfect.

I am not sure where it will end up but today it is on our kitchen table so I can enjoy my swing. Thanks for coming by!

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  1. I love your bird house especially the swing. If I had it, it would have to stay in the house somewhere for everyone to see. It's beautiful :)

  2. Adorable!!! I would have it on my mantel so I could enjoy looking at it, too. I may just have to get over my fear of power saws because the "good" birds in our yard need a nice home. The hinge swing is brilliant and of course the stone fireplace is so cottagey! Do you need some teensy weensy sprocket pillows? And where's the mini CK teapot? Love it!!!

  3. Oh this is just cuter than cute !

    My grandfather used to build bird houses and blue martin houses and have them all over his property and chickadees were one of his favorite birds...mine too. One year we had so much snow and the birds depended on me so much for their food that I actually had a chickadee come to my hand for some suet

  4. Adorable! I love it! the stone, and the swing are great!

  5. What an amazing Birdhouse! What an original and creative swing you have dreamed!!! Love the details.

  6. That swing is so creative ... why didn't I think of that :) You guys did a wonderful job!

  7. That is the cutest sweetest thing! I was having a bad day today but your little swing on the birdhouse just made me grin!!!


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