St. Patty's in the House

 I recently discovered that I don't have very much in the way of green. Lucky for me Will and his new pals were more than happy to dress for the occasion!

My holiday cubby seems very large when you are light on the green. The beer bottle is actually from Dutch beer, but it was the perfect shade and I was desperate.

Will sports a crocheted vest (made a little shorter) from this free pattern. His hat and beard came from my brain and the wee bow tie is from the free pattern here. Doughboy's hat was made with this free pattern. He refused to wear a vest.

See my giant watercolour beside Will? It is my ode to Downton Abbey. I used a pic from the web and applied some filters and then shrunk it down. It's 1.25" by 1.5". It's not Irish, but it was the right colour and I was desperate, remember?

Madame Bunny sports a spring shawl. Just a granny stitch with an edging and ties.

Remy is not one to be left out. He's happy in his Irish flag apron and shamrock collar.

Macy called me one morning to alert me to the fact that Remy was into my supplies. Since Vickie sent eyeglasses for Will and Wilhelmina, Remy is really one we have to keep an eye on. He looks just like me sitting at my crochet perch -- he's just missing the chocolate and Diet Coke. :)

Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to wear some green on the 17th!

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  1. Mighty Irish that Will is looking!!! Midge sends her love. She is looking at the post with me and is really thinking Will looks pretty handsome in his green gear. Very cute Tracy a very nice St. Patty's display.

  2. I love your shadowbox full of St. Patty's day cheer and I noticed the doughboy right away with his hat and beard he made me laugh. Cute!

    xo Danielle

  3. This looks fantastic Tracy. Love the shade of green you chose.
    My favorite part is Remy on the sofa, hook in hand. You need a mini Diet Coke can!

  4. Oh my heavens, Doughboy refused to wear a vest?! What a party pooper, especially when everyone else was being so cooperative! I love your posts and await each one eagerly, this one made my day, thanks for the smile. Think I'll go see what St. Pat's Day mischief my kiddos are in to. . . Lol!

  5. Oh, I meant to comment on the Downtown Abbey photo, good call. . . I am Irish and I say since Branson is Irish and he married Sybil it counts.

    1. Oh YES Maureen, exactly! I'm goin' with that... thank you! :D

  6. Will o' my heart! You are so handsome sporting your wee green vest, hat, and facial hair!! (Although he IS looking a little green around the gills.) Do you suppose he tipped the green bottle when you were busy with your crochet hook? Sneaky little monkey.

    DoughMAN looks quite dapper, too. He must be a man, because boys can't grow beards, can they?

    I was going to complement you on all the cute crocheted bits in your cubby, but it seems Remy has been busy with his miniature crochet hook. Who knew?! Driving cars, crocheting flags, is there no end to his talents?

    Well, top o' the mornin' to you m'dear, and thanks for starting my day off with a good chuckle! (Love the new blog header, too.)

    Vickie o' the Range

  7. OMG, Doughboy as a leprechaun, TOO DARN FUNNY!


  8. You are the crochet queen extraordinaire! I'm always eager to see what clever and fun things you'll think of next for your friends to wear. Sometimes I get hints from your Pinterest! (I feel like we're in the same room when we're pinning at the same time. :) What a lucky daughter Macy is to have such a fun mom. Now that I have a fantle, I know first hand how fun it is to decorate shelves for holidays. Maybe someday I'll get as good as it as you are. I also know now that they photograph much smaller than they really are, so your cubbie is quite large. I love it!

  9. I thought you were calling your husband Doughboy! Now I see the little guy in the cabinet. Makes more sense now! Love Will's outfit. And the red beard is a cute touch, because all us Irish are redheads in our hearts.

  10. I love it. The monkey is adorable. You just added enough of the green to make it pop. Love the Downton pic. I've gotta do something like that.

  11. Is Remy taking on the persona of the elves in the story of The Shoemaker and The Elves? You wake up and little crocheted items are ready and waiting? It's nice to see Remy and Doughboy settling down to help with your domestications. Those beards absolutely cracked me up! Your green desperation netted you quite a display~

  12. OMG, the Irish sock monkey is fabulous!!! What a great display of St. Patrick's day fun! Happy weekend from the enchanted oven.

  13. Hello Tracy! I always enjoy your vignettes so much...!
    I love all the details so I'm waiting for some close-ups to watch that bunny on the chair, the car with the trailer...

  14. I am giggling I have my own Irish Hubby Patrick and yes Irish runs in his was this for a Irish family of boys...Timothy,Michael,Patrick,Marty and Kelly.....


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