Mitt Norge Tilkobling

Yes, you read correctly... Mitt Norge Tilkobling.  "My Norway Connection"

Another happy surprise for me. 

Aunt Belle & Grandma Anna Apold Becker
Spokane, WA  Circa 1911 It's not like the TV commercials.

I've been a member since 2006 and have spent many happy hours searching and building our tree. I didn't join and miraculously find lovely family photos of long lost loved ones. Ahhh... no.

BUT... in February I received a message from another member, Kari, in Norway who noticed that Aunt Belle, Grandma, and her family were in my tree.  :)

My grandmother passed away when I was only 10 and her father passed away in 1920. Her mother lived in Spokane, Washington and only came up to Canada to visit once in the 1940's. This side of the family had the least amount of information.

Until now.

Unbelievably to me, Kari had found us. She is my third cousin... our great grandfathers were brothers. Her grandmother and mine were first cousins. Kari's mother sent us photos from the farm in Norway where our great grandfathers were raised and a fourth cousin still lives. Something I never could have imagined...

My great grandfather and Kari's great grandfather.

Kari's grandmother (also named Kari), my grandmother and great aunt.

It was fun to see the family resemblance. Many other photos have been shared and it has been a happy time for myself, my mom and her sisters. Grandma has been gone over fourty years now and I am sure that she is tickled about this reunion.

We had a good laugh when I sent one of the photos that my aunt had to Norway. Kari's mother Marit is in the green dress. They were in the USA visiting family in Seattle. 

Our new family... Marit, Kjell, Kari and Torkell.

So, I had to make a little vignette to celebrate our happy new connection. You know, Mitt Norge Tilkobling. I haven't quilted for years, but rooted around in my fabric stash and made up my own little (4.5"x5.75") flag of Norway. The tea cup fabric honours our new friendship.

I had to include a copy of a vintage postcard from the town near the farm.

 Norway is not unlike Alberta with it's beautiful mountains and healthy moose population. My moose had to have a Norway crochet spray for the occasion. He is perched atop one of my favourite old thrift store finds: a turquoise 1950's Norwegian/English dictionary. The photo of girls in their traditional Norwegian dress was sent by Marit and features another relative. I made the funky wire photo holder after seeing these directions on Pinterest.

So, if you join don't expect too much too fast. But don't be surprised either if you find some wonderful people like I did. Or rather they found me. Now my dream is to visit beautiful Norway and our new family. One day.

Sorry Mr. Moose, you cannot come along.

Thanks for visiting!

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  1. That is so neat that you are reconnecting with your long lost family. The family farm in Norway is EXACTLY what I think of when I think of Norway (not that I sit here and daydream about it or anything weird). Those mountains in the background are huge.

  2. I actually researched my family on too but thought it would be too hard to search in Europe so never went further back than immigration. I am 1/2 Norwegian so I think this is so cool. I have a few Norwegian collectibles too. Fun post, Tracy!

  3. Its a wonderful site, we used it too!
    I'm so happy you had such remarkable success!
    Beautiful vignette, I love the flag you made, its a very pretty flag isn't it, of course I love the moose, I LOVE moose and that one is rockin the crocheted flower!!!!

  4. Such a fun post! We have enjoyed using, too and have made some wonderful discoveries! My husband's family is very Norwegian and we have traced it back very far! So great you are actually getting to know some new relatives!

  5. Tracy,
    How fun that you are connecting with family. What a beautiful journey for you. I too love the moose in his crocheted flowers. Adorable.

  6. How wonderful to make that family connection! Love your quilted flag.


  7. The photos of your relative's farm and neighboring town are just so beautiful. All of your patience and hard work has paid off, and now you have the missing pieces to your puzzle!

    Of course I love your tiny flag and crocheted flowers on Mr.Moose. Your vintage dictionary and cute photo in the lantern are a nice touch, too. Kari and Marit's traditional Norwegian costumes are gorgeous with all the hand embroidered details! Now we know crocheting and embroidering are in your blood. :)

  8. How awesome to have "the rest of the story" on the family. Nice that Kari was snooping around and found you.


  9. Your family story and connection is very interesting and your vignette....wonderful as always! I love Mr Moose (with the flower crochet, of course).

  10. Tracy, that's so cool to find distant cousins. I love Ancestry-maybe I'll get lucky one of these days too. Love that cute vignette-your ode to Norway. Mr. Moose-what can I say-he's adorably perfect!

  11. The thought of finding such a wonderful family member in such a beautiful place with all the old photos and everything is making my heart skip a beat! Wow! And I adore how you celebrated the connection with the quilt and the moose's crochet spray. You have been off traipsing the world these past days all from your home. I'm so happy for you. Hope you get to make that trip in person one day. Amazing!

  12. love it and you like that Norway name...For me a fun Norwegian memory is= as a kid I lived right next door to a couple from Oslo Norway,the father a student at our local School of Mines...for engineering,his wife so outgoing and fun and their much fun learning cross country ski as we lived on a hill, and in those days so much more snow...I grew up in South Dakota where a lotta Norwegians moved...MY Sis was married in a Norwegian church called the Stavkirk the classic style of the vikings....Love your story so special and the pics wonderful to see.

  13. I Love this post! I adore looking into old family history and photos. I know a lot about all but one side of the family so I've never done the thing. It seems so intersting though. There's just something about knowing more about where you come from! Your vignette is wonderful. The flag is beautiful. Now I have to go check out how you did the wire photo holder. I'm visiting from The North End Loft where your post was featured. Have a lovely day! ~ Jamie

  14. what an amazing story!-
    that is too funny about the commercials- I had the same experience when I tried it and found- well, nothing- How delightful to find not only relatives but a treasure trove of photos! and love the adorned moose and Norwegian goodies- what a great excuse for a trip to Norway! :)

  15. What a sweet story. I have heard great things about My daughter uploaded a bunch of old photos I had and we were surprised to find the same people's photos had been uploaded from different times in their lives. It was so wonderful to see.

  16. This is soooo cool Tracy! I love that farm in Norway - it's just so beautiful. You MUST visit and wear one of those fabulous Norwegian dresses.

  17. How exciting! That looks like a beautiful place to visit. It is just an amazing story!


  18. We have something in common. My grandmother was born in Norway. About 10 years ago 9 family members from the US went to Norway to visit our relatives there. Your pictures look very much like some of my pictures. My husband did not go with us and I hope one day to take him there.

  19. This is so fun! My hubby's family came form Norway in the 1800's and eventually homesteaded in Minnesota. An uncle has been to the ancestral farms in Norway. My own family history is Ulster Scotts, Welsh and German.

  20. Happy Birthday Tracy!!!!! Here's wishing you many more great birthdays too. :)


I really appreciate your visit and comments! :)