Happiness Is...

What makes you happy?

I am a self-proclaimed cheap date. I can get so much happiness out of something that some people may not even bat an eye at. I've been lucky to have happy hit me upside the head countless times in the last few weeks.

Exhibit B  &  Exhibit A

Exhibit A: This totally adorable vintage thread holder was a surprise gift from a very sweet friend whom I met through blogging. Turquoise, thread, vintage... what can I say. It makes me smile every time I look at it. The gift was such a fun surprise and our friendship is a constant source of happy. Thank you Vickie. :)

Exhibit B: Crocheted Barbie ballerina slippers. My beloved maternal grandmother made delicately crocheted Barbie ballerina outfits for each of her then seven granddaughters in the 1960's. The outfit is one of my most treasured possessions. My grandma passed away when I was just 10, but I have wonderful memories of her and think of her often, especially when I'm crocheting.

Grandma & Grandpa Becker and Me, circa 1962

Camping with Grandma and Grandpa on a trip in 1966 when we took Grandma back to her childhood home near Spokane, Washington.

(That's me with my trademark pose: the fork near my mouth.)

One of Macy's Barbies models the outfit in my craft room, next to the thread holder and a mug that belonged to my great grandma on my dad's side. Don't look too closely, you'll see that the crocheted panties are missing!!

(Who hasn't had that happen at least once in their life?)

Dwayne, Helen, Me, my Sister and Mom
Grandma's ballerina outfit has always had a special place in my heart. So does my mom's friend Helen, above, circa 1969, on one of our many snowmobiling outings. She is the sweetest, kindest, funniest person. Last fall she gifted me with TWO big bags of crochet and knitting stuff. You know, the kind of stuff you keep forever and wonder if you'll ever use again and finally end up giving it to someone you hope will use it? That stuff.

When I spotted the variegated green crochet thread that I must have for St. Patrick's Day I was prompted to rummage through the rest of the bag. First on my list to peruse was the vintage craft magazines at the bottom. So many good ones and then...

I could not believe my eyes...

Do you see it?

 It was literally a dream come true. The Barbie ballerina pattern!! In my hands. In pristine condition. I giggled out loud I was so happy. I have always wished I could find this pattern. Now I can make replacement panties and the wee little flower that goes in Barbie's hair. I emailed Helen immediately to tell her how happy I was... and just for fun, threatened to make her those fancy blue sling-back slippers.

These are just two of the many happy blessings I can count in the past few weeks.  I'd share more right now but I really must get busy. I am certain that Vickie needs that lovely hair spray cozy lady with the green hat. Off to my crochet perch I must go!

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  1. I don't have many of the barbie clothes my Grandma made for me. I have the dolls but not the clothes. Nice post. I'm a cheap date too.

  2. Barbie's dress and slippers are adorable. Wonder where she lost her panties? I'd check Ken's house if I were you.

    I had one of those crocheted (does crochet have a "d" on the end?) teddy bears. You didn't want to fall asleep with him, because you'd wake up with a chain stitch pattern on your face. Been there, done that. Not a good look!

    1. LMAO... I bet they ARE at Ken's!!

      I hear you on those crocheted bears. Remember that Phentex yarn that they used to make slippers out of in the 70's? That stuff wore like steel... I'm sure it was the precursor to Kevlar vests. :)

  3. I chuckle, and chuckle...what a soooo fun post. But then which of your posts isn't? I can't believe those patterns you found. And gosh that Vickie keeps the mailman busy. I have never seen one of those cool little thread caddies. Too cute! Is that Barbie or one of the desperate housewives? Desperate Barbies?

    Oh, and you know I LOVE all your photos!


  4. Barbie! Shame on you! Didn't your mother tell you........hmmm, I guess Barbie didn't have a mother to warn her about boys. Too late now. There's probably a Little Kiddle on the way. I'm afraid her dancing days are numbered, unless you can alter the pattern to fit her baby bump.

    I'm in awe of those teeny tiny crocheted ballerina slippers! And what a wonderful surprise to find that pattern after all these years. I love your photos from your childhood and I guess you can be thankful that your trademark pose wasn't a fork in the eye.

    My hair cement bottle is skinny at the top, so could you please make my cover with a cone shaped party hat?

    The thread holder had your name on it. :)

    I'll be laughing all night at this post!

  5. I love the fun and happy your posts bring!!and please girl get some knickers on that gal...if I knew where they landed I would have got the mink coat my Barbie had via best friends mom...she made Clothes for the church bazar's again thanks for giggles

  6. What a cute post! It seems that many of us bloggers are easily entertained and satisfied with some of the simpler things in life.

    I can relate to your post title "I'm a cheap date". My husband asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I said jewelry. Then I quickly said...Not the kind you buy at a jewelry store...I want a trip to my favorite antique shop and thrift store. I wanted a string of pearls. I found a beautiful necklace for about 1/16th the price they would sell at a regular store.
    More than once we have met for a hot lunch date at Costco...You know the free samples on every aisle. We left with full tummies and a bit of chuckling all the way to the car.
    Thank you for your adorable article, my friend.

  7. What a cute Barbie outfit! And how wonderful to get the original pattern as a gift. Thanks, too, for the reminder to pay attention to the little things in life.

  8. Glad Barbie can have replacement panties. I mean remember the advice mama always gave? Never leave home without clean underwear. Or something
    like that.


  9. You always make me laugh, Tracy! I'm feeling like I missed out on something wonderful because I've never lost my panties!! I love reading about your interest in vintage crochet; you really make it so interesting and fun. I'm thrilled for all the happy that fell on you recently and wish you much more in the future!

  10. Tracy,
    Love this post you made me laugh. I wish I had learned to crochet but never did. My grandma made us so many special crochet things through the years and I treasure all of mine. I have afghans that show all the color schemes through the years. How special you found the pattern to make Barbie respectable again!!!!!! Love this had a good laugh.

  11. You gotta be thankful for the little things. The thread holder is brilliant. I love your Barbie outfit. My grandma knitted my Barbie a few outfits-but all that was lost in a basement flood. I can't wait to see the little panties on yours. The old pictures are priceless. Love them the most!

  12. I love this post. The old thread holder and the Barbie outfit, what treasures! You have wonderful memories from your Grandma. Your sense of humor always makes me laugh. Wishing you and your family a Happy St. Patrick's Day! Thanks also for sharing this wonderful post at Simple & Sweet Fridays!

    Love, jody

  13. Oh my goodness - the ballet slipper are fabulous and finding the pattern is the icing on the cake! And I am in love with the thread holder - turquoise, red top - oh my lord! I'm swooning.


  14. Is losing your panties better than "getting them in a twist".

    You are younger than me, but some of your stories were so similar to mine and the family photos looked like ours. I guess everything looks the same in black and white.

    Thanks for dropping by so I could visit you.

  15. oh my gosh, I remember that barbie outfit too! You always make me smile, a visit wit yu is like sitting down for a chat, I always feel better just from coming here

  16. I love it! hehe I am exactly the same!

  17. Your little side remarks (pose with fork, missing panties) crack me up.

    I love the ballerina outfit. Those shoes are precious. How fun that you found the pattern!

  18. Hello my friend. Midge wants you to get in on my one year anniversary give away. I think she wants you to win and she will hide in the tote give away to come to meet McWill. She is a sneaky one!!! Join in my friend.


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