Tackling the Fall Mantle

Here it is, another mantle decorating season and I still have my unsightly Canadian Tire sconces, wafer thin mantle, and the fireplace is yet to be updated. Those changes are getting closer to the top of the list though, thank goodness.

My easy-on-the-budget mantle display used items I had on hand.**

**With the exception the curly top white pumpkin that jumped into my cart at WalMart this morning. Who could resist it's crackly goodness and wacky stem? (The flour and sugar in my cart needed some seasonal company anyway.)

I found my dad's old tackle box last month while up in their attic. I also found out that it is very hard to do a happy dance when you're in a confined space. The antlers were from the attic too and this pair were left 'au naturel' for now. The painting was a gift to a friend of the family in the early 1920's.

My dad and grandfather about 1942 -- the pre turquoise tackle box era. I'm not sure who took the photo but it appears they got lessons from my mom. 

I've had the unused berry garland for so long that I think it was probably purchased at the Michael's on the Mayflower kiosk. (That was way before they offered coupons.) I did print out the crow painting today and slip it into a frame I picked up at my aunt's garage sale last month. I think that counts as 'on hand'.
Mom's old Brownie camera is nestled in there too.

I realized as I was doing up this post that I totally forgot the main items I wanted to put on this fall mantle. I've only been thinking about it for a month and they were the entire reason I was up in the attic in the first place. I even got them out of the garden shed and cleaned them off before starting today. Sigh.

Well, I guess I will have to come up with another location for their debut. I knew my memory would be the first thing to go but I didn't expect it so darn soon!

I'll take a trip back 10 years to when Macy was only 3.5 months old. I'm sure my memory was much better back then. My parents, sister and her girls, and our little family. You can probably see why one of Macy's first nicknames was "Fuzz". 

Thanks so much for stopping by.

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  1. I like a little turquoise with fall decoratons. Tackle box is fun!

  2. Great mantle decor! I would kill for a fireplace mantle to decorate.

    Macy's so cute with her crazy little whispy hair. How quickly they grow.


  3. I love the tackle box too....Turquoise is the color this year.
    Memories are wonderful, aren't they!!

  4. What a great family photo! How quickly the years do fly by. From a fuzzy haired elf to a beautiful young girl. Oh, Macy's pretty cute, too. :@

    Love it all! Now I have to stop at Walmart tomorrow to see if they have any of those pumpkins in stock. That fabulous vintage painting brings all those yummy fall colors together. And the tackle box. Sigh.

    We could play "yours is bigger than mine". I don't think the tackle box would fit on my narrow mantel, so quit complaining. Hehe.

    As far as the sconces go, I can see them becoming bloodshot eyeballs for Halloween.

    Bill went to the same photography school as your mother.

  5. Michaels on the Mayflower...ha! I am on the hunt for a box that color. Your mantle is fabulous with it and all the rest of the treasures you have adorning it. Best of all, I just love the family photo. So very sweet! And you know I'm always up for an old off-kilter black and white. Your family wins the prize for taking photos back in the day. I am intrigued by each and every one.

  6. When I was young my mom didn't want Mr. D. Boy to be lonely and she gave me Miss Poppie to keep him company. I might have to dedicate a post to you using her. Then again, it's been a week and a half since I've done any post, so don't hold your breath.


  7. That is a stunning display! I looove the touch of turquoise. Very inspired. Btw, where did you get the crow print image?

    1. Thanks Juanita. The painting is called Crow In Boots, by Rudi Hurzlmeier, and you can buy prints online. I've also seen it as a printable in a sheet on etsy, but I cannot find it now for the life of me. :)

  8. oh i'm totally drooling over that aqua toolbox and set off soooooo great with the orange bits....completely lovely!!!

  9. Your fall mantle is just beautiful, and I couldn't pin it fast enough. That attic is a gold mind, and I know people all over Pinterest will be drooling over your turquoise tackle box. I love the sprays of berries tying everything together, and, oh my, for the glowing fall colors in your painting. Your family portrait is gorgeous, too. Little Macy was, and is still, a little cutie.

  10. Oh, that tackle box! My favorite color! Love your mantle.


  11. Your mantle is wonderful. Love the curly topped pumpkin. Isn't it funny how things just jump into our carts? I love that tackle box too ~ gorgeous color!

  12. I love all the elements you used on your mantel, especially those that have special family memories! Great color on the tackle box.
    Mary Alice

  13. Great combination of colors and pumpkins! I absolutely love the one you got a Walmart.


  14. M&M's...

    ...you get me.

    I knew I was missing something. I had Coke but neglected M&M's. Well, you can bet I won't make that mistake again!

  15. What a charming collection of things for the mantle. I love it!

  16. I love what you did with the mantle and the busts in the previous post had me smiling!

  17. Your mantel looks so great...love that aqua and orange combination...and your header is just beautiful!

  18. love the reuse of all your treasures....especially the tackle box...the family pic is the best......I just did a post on fall...the trees in the background thank you....love them

  19. Wonderful mantel! And that tackle box....it's fantastic!
    Very nice family photo.
    Besos, Silvina

  20. Hi, I just found your blog, through mutual followers. Love your mantel! The objects you used and the composition are perfect and using your Dad's old tackle box. That was a wonderful personal touch.
    Do come visit (at the moment my post is, my fall mantel). I am your newest follower and I would be delighted and honored if you choose to follow me back. Connie :)

  21. Love, love the painting and the tackle box. Great trip up to the attic for sure.
    New Follower. Hopped over from Funky Junk.

  22. I'm delighted to see a different color among the usual fall colors, the tourquoise is such a beautiful touch!!! I adore the black crow perching on top of the pumpkin.

  23. Tracy, I knew I'd love you when I saw that turquoise tackle box! OHMYGOSH, I've been laughing since I read your blurb about being in our own vintage photographs! too funny! Love the one about your mom's photo skills too. a girl after my heart! so glad you linked up to Vintage Inspiration. and so glad to get to know you!

  24. Aqua and orange make such a stunning pair! And I LOVE that painting above the mantel.

    p.s. I'm 44 and I am my own vintage photographs too! Love your outlook on life. ;)

  25. Hi Tracy, I just stopped back by to say, "Thank You" for your lovely visit and for deciding to follow my blog. I am over-the-moon, Connie :)

  26. I haven't thought about Canadian Tire for a long time. I was a little southern girl who grew up in a small town in Ontario and we had a Canadian Tire store there. I love that pumpkin with the curly stem. Must find one.


  27. Can we trade my truck for your tackle box? :)
    That'd be a shame, though, because they would look great together.
    Love your fall mantle - my little pumpkins would fit right in!

  28. A perfectly wonderful mantel... I especially love your Dad's old tackle box! It looks perfect up there with everything else. Great Post!

  29. Tracy, Thanks so much for sharing such an inspirational post on Simple & Sweet Fridays. I love everything on the mantel and the memories behind it make it so special. Thanks again for always stopping by with your wonderful comments, they mean so much to me. You're the best!


  30. Love that old tackle box!! How sweet and how good it looks on your mantle.


  31. oh my gosh the mantle looks amazing and the painting is beautiful.I think my favorite ( well one,) is the tackle box as well, such a wonderful touch, I love the color of the tackle box too!!!!What a wnderful family photo, great looking bunch, hope you didn't bang your head too bad when you tried to happy dance!!

  32. That turquoise tackle box, of all things, with the orange pumpkin--love! (I never thought a tackle box could be pretty until now:) Your family portrait is so nice as well.


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