The Pumpkin Blues

Well, it's not really the blues, more like the aquas. Fall is in the air here and that means it's time to change things up. Naturally that involves another vehicle and holiday trailer. I was initially disappointed when my VW bus arrived in orange but it has grown on me over the years... it's perfect for fall!

We are still on a bunting binge, so I made this one with digital papers
by Michelle Coleman and this handy free template.

I found the small orange pumpkin at WalMart for $1.50
-- everything else I had on hand.

The crow & pumpkin were a bargain find in January at Kohl's when Macy was
just three; we were in California visiting Granny & Gramps.

I was the only crazy woman snapping up Halloween clearance. 

I printed the lovely pumpkin label from The Graphics Fairy, found here and slapped it on a big tin of diced tomatoes. The white pumpkin on a pedestal has a black cat
on the other side -- she won't make her appearance until October. 

The scale and iron stand belonged to my mom's paternal grandmother. They came along with the family on the move to Canada from Wisconsin in the early 1900's.

Great Grandma Becker is in the centre with the spotty dress. My grandpa is behind her, my grandmother is a bit hidden behind the young boy and my mom is the youngest in the front. I loved spending time on this farm growing up;
those memories are among my happiest.

Doughboy found himself a pint-sized squash and made a run for the Sunbeam. Remy's whereabouts have not yet been disclosed. Rest assured they are still in kahoots and have big plans for October. As does Macy. It is all I can do to keep the Halloween decor in the boxes. I'm hoping this pumpkin and aqua kitchen bit will keep her happy for a few more weeks. Thanks for visiting!

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  1. Looks awesome. I have the same pumpkin and crow from Kohl's. I just love it. If it wasn't over 100 here in Oklahoma, I would pull my stuff out. But looks like we have a cold front coming our way, so maybe the cooler weather will get me inspired. Otherwise, your pictures help!!! :)

  2. You won't believe this, but my parents had the very same VW bus in the SAME COLOR when we were growing up!! The color must be adjacent to turquoise on the color wheel because they complement each other perfectly. Your banner is adorable! And I think I need that can for my kitchen, don't you?

    Now if Doughboy needs a crust recipe for his squash pie, I've got one handy. :@

    Love the new profile pic and your countdown to Halloween!

  3. oh how cute. i love the color combo very much! i just chuckled when i read your quote "the best thing about being 50 is being in your own vintage photos"...funny! at 53, i am totally "vintage".

  4. Completely adorable! You know how I love your cozy corner!

  5. It's all so very the aqua!


  6. I just adore your aqua and orange kitchen! And those shelf vignettes are absolutely so stinking cute perfect ... and if I came to visit for some coffee I'm pretty sure that VW bus and camper might find its way into my purse ...



  7. Tracy, Thanks so much for sharing this cute pumpkin blues post on Simple & Sweet Fridays. Love all your vignettes!


  8. I love aqua and pumpkin together! Great non traditional fall decor! Jean

  9. Wow! I LOVE this! how cool and "old school" and creative! This is my new favorite color scheme, these colors look positively fantastic together!

    <3 Bethany @

  10. Tracy, Tracy, Tracy.....I've just come by once but I believe we are kindred spirits. Remy and Doughboy? LOVE their adventure. Love your orange and aqua too. I am so glad you buzzed by my little neck of the woods 'cause I am your newest follower!

  11. I love your vignette for fall. The turquoise and orange look fabulous together. Thanks for visiting me the other day. I love your blog. I am signing up to follow you.


  12. The bus and camper are just too cute. Always love what you put together! Now get going and try making some chalk paint. It's just three ingredients. As long as you have some plaster of paris and some flat paint and water on hand, you can do it. I just made a little bit at a time. I've done it three of four times now and have used every bit of it. Good luck!

  13. I love your Autumn decor ~ you've inspired me to do a little decorating myself tomorrow. I need to make some bunting and visit the Graphics Fairy for that label (I love that dear Fairy, I've used so many tidbits from her over the years). Where did you get the VW bus from? It's precious and I love it paired with the camper.


    1. Thanks Jenny. I love the Graphics Fairy too. I got the bus & trailer on eBay about 5+ years ago. They aren't overly plentiful but I have a small collection of 5 sets of them. They just make me smile. :)

      PS The bookstore didn't have 'our book' in, so I'm going to order from Amazon today. :)

  14. Darling corner, I love that color combination and it has me thinking I need to dig around in my stash. Darling blog also.

  15. Just found your blog searching blogland. Really love the combination of aqua and orange for fall decorating. The crow sets the mood for sure.

  16. Your fall vignette is the bomb diggity. My Joe and I are always looking at VW buses. I am going to pull some pumpkins out this week. Visiting from MHC. You sure have a pretty blog. Olive

  17. LOVE the aqua and orange together! It's the perfect balance between the end of summer and the beginning of fall.

  18. I love your vignettes. The little camper and bus are darling. I love the orange with the aqua.

  19. love that combination of aqua and orange - it's really striking!

    and I love that VW bus.


  20. I love your turquoise and orange vignette. (These are the colors I chose for my guestroom before my daughter hijacked it.) This is the cutest thing ever. I might even like it better than your Canada Day vignette. Nah, it's a tie. They both make me smile equally.

  21. We were at a vintage car show today and there was a VW bus just like that one, except, you know, life size! It must have been so much fun to load the family in and go for a trip!! Your shelves are so much fun and I love the color combo! Linda

  22. i just adore this color combo with the aqua & orange...I'm loving how YOU've done it!!

  23. As always I love your vignette, you are so creative! I love the ones with buses and trucks.
    Congratulations! Besos, Silvina

  24. I love your corner shelves decoration so much... I pinned it to my Pinterest... now don't be surprized if they show up in French Lique one day real soon too! I've got corner shelves in my kitchen too!

    thanks! Dixie


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