Monday, September 3, 2012

Popeye, Gladys, & the Budgies

One of my favourite treasures is my 1950's American Bisque Popeye the Sailor cookie jar that belonged to my Grandma Gladys. I think I get quite a few traits and loves from my grandma, funky kitchenware being one of them. She and my Grandpa Jack, my father's parents, are in the photo on the baking pan;
the apples are from our tree. 

Gladys with Buttons and Bows circa the late 60's or early 70's. She groomed her dogs, my mom groomed our dog when I was growing up, and I groom Max.

(He's even starting to look like a schnauzer again, so I must be getting better at it.)

Grandma, my Aunt Marlene, and one of the trailers that my grandpa built. Look closely and you'll see a budgie in the cage in front of them. I guess I come by my love of camping, retro trailers, and budgies honestly.

Macy, four, and our budgie 'Cookie'. Oh how he loved lime tortilla chips. As soon as the bag was rustling he'd fly over and perch on your shoulder looking for a nibble.

I like to think that all of my relatives who have gone before me are looking down and smiling. I love all of the photos we have, the treasures that belonged to them, and stories about their lives and antics. My research into our family genealogy has only made me more curious. I hope to one day visit where both of my parent's families settled in eastern Ontario, Wisconsin, South Dakota, and Washington.
One day. Maybe I'll even travel there pulling a vintage trailer.
We probably won't have a budgie on board though.
That might be pushing it.

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  1. South Dakota...Hmmmmm home state and where my family farmed on both my Dad and Mom's side....Wisconsin too...Midwest roots..with lots of us..I always have loved your maps and trailers on your blog....

  2. I can't believe Popeye and his corn cobb pipe survived all these years. He certainly was made for your house. Just look at that turquoise!

    Darling picture of Macy with the budgie. Your photo skills were excellent even waaaay back then!

    Now you've got me thinking about the traits I've inherited. Scary. You'll have to swing through MN when you drive from Wisconsin to South Dakota. :@

    No apples on our trees this year. What are you baking with your yummy looking red apples?

    *My mother's name is Marlene, and my dad's is Jack. Just a few more coincidences.

  3. I love that fantastic jar. I always remember an episode of the TV program The incurable collector sharing a great collection of coockie jars, have you watched it?
    Very nice words about your relatives.
    Besos! Silvina

  4. My mother's had budgies my whole life (she still does). I love how chatty they get when things are busy in the house.

    The old photos are so fun. I LOVE that trailer!

  5. I have a cousin who took a trip and traced some of our relatives' footsteps of-old, and she just loved it! I know you will too, someday. Your family is so interesting, Tracy.

  6. What don't I love about this post?! Nothing! You have it going on. I want to come visit your funky kitchen and sit and look at all your old photos and hear the tales. I'm like you with a love of the history and the stories. The Popeye cookie jar is just the coolest! And your grandpa built trailers? That is amazing. I want the one in the picture! Tracy, your new picture is adorable too. Beautiful! Okay, now tell me more, show us some more of your cool collections!

  7. I have the same dream. Visiting all the places my relatives have lived and died, in a vintage trailer. I can't believe your Grandpa built them. Love that vignette!

  8. What lovely memories! I was a giant Popeye fan in the day ... wouldn't miss an episode ever! Would walk around the house singing the theme song (though, try as I might, couldn't fall in love with spinach!).



  9. Thank you for sharing your wonderful memories and treasures on Simple & Sweet Fridays. We always love a great story!


  10. love that cookie jar and I remember when I was little we had a budgie too!

  11. I love the cookie jar and the memories it evokes. Thank you for sharing your wonderful memories - the budgies, the trailer, all of it is wonderful. I've spent some time in Calgary, Banff and Lake Louise. Alberta is beautiful! Thanks so much for joining in the party!


  12. That is such a fun cookie jar but the stories are the best! I love family items that only bring great memories! Hugs, Linda

  13. I love this post! Love your vignette, so charming and I so enjoyed reading about your family. I lost my daddy last year at 92, and I'm the only one left in my immediate family now - so I'm on a journey in search of those who came before too.
    What fun it would be to see the places that shaped our families lifes.

  14. I love my grandma so very much and I am so much like her. She loved the Lord, my papa, and me with all her heart. I always felt lucky to have her!
    God is good.

  15. That cookie jar is so adorable, Tracie! Little wonder it's one of your favorite things. I think it's lovely to use things that belonged to family members, and to see how much we might resemble them in the way we act or the things we love. It's a way to know they're still with you, even after they're gone.

  16. Love your Popeye, and the arrangement. What drew me to your blog, however, was the camper! I am a gypsy at heart (at least when I'm on vacation, if I can get one), and such a camper is on my wishlist.

  17. Love your Popeye, and the arrangement. What drew me to your blog, however, was the camper! I am a gypsy at heart (at least when I'm on vacation, if I can get one), and such a camper is on my wishlist.


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