Procrastination, Puttering & Pictures

We finally have an arrangement over our piano. All it took was a thrift store find yesterday, getting out a favourite painting by my aunt today, and an uncanny ability to procrastinate on the project I was supposed to be working on.  Ta-da!

The before shot. Note the Barbie vacuum & iron on the piano.

The only NEW item here is the gorgeous cow print found yesterday at my favourite thrift shop for $10 -- the frame is in perfect shape and I love the colours. The sweet prairie farmhouse watercolour was painted for me by my dear Aunt Shirley in 1986. She's the one on the backseat of the horse in my header above (my mom is in front). I found the hand turned frame for $3 about 3 years ago and was going to paint it white. Glad I didn't get around to that yet. I printed the butterfly art from The Graphics Fairy and the picture is hanging from the same old twine that it came with. The chickadee cross stitch was another thrift store find for $2... I loved the frame and mats and who doesn't love chickadees? I printed the lake photo to fit in a $1 thrifted frame.

Here are my grandparents at the same lake in the mid 1930's, around the same time as the photo above was taken. If you have a really keen eye you'll recognize the photo from one of my favourite bits of Halloween decor.

The farmhouse is the one my mom grew up in and is the same one she and her family are in front of in the horse pic on my header. It is her parents, Fred & Anna, in the other photo. Thrift store frame. Surprised?

The embroidered verse is another $2 thrift store bargain.

The photo print is of Lake O'Hara and is one of a set of three prints of the Banff area that belonged to my grandparents. JD (Grandpa) worked around Banff in his years on the railroad and my dad, aunt and grandmother would spend the summers camping nearby. 

My apologies for the shiny pictures... even with the blinds closed I couldn't get rid of the darn glare!

I shuffled around a few other items last week -- probably during another moment of procrastination. Don't mind the empty hook there... not sure what I'm doing with that yet.

My teeny ode to the cow moooovement -- because I won't splurge on an original bovine oil painting. Maybe if I look in a few more boxes tomorrow I might find one! Probably not. I'd better buckle down and work on the family photo wall for Mom. Wish me luck.

Edited to add:
Miss Vickie, I am proud to announce that zero extra holes were poked in the wall. I use this thingamajiggy... the Hang & Level. Works like a charm. And no, that slim young thing isn't ME... I wouldn't be caught dead hanging NEW pictures!

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  1. I am very impressed that you got all that done in just one afternoon! I love the history behind all of your pictures, and it's the perfect size arrangement for over your piano. The 1950's lake photo is a fun addition and nice that you have an original painting in the mix, too. Now do tell, how many holes did you pound into your wall to hang the 8 pictures?

    How does Doughboy feel about the cows moooooving in on his territory? You could hang a teeny, tiny milk stool on the hook. :@

  2. Your picture arrangement over the piano looks great. I always love fluffing the nest.


  3. I think Vickie said it right....I love the mix of yur history....and new finds...and on my blog...the pics at top mom and dad a Antique show...and the little did my Mom go from a blonde rag a muffin to a deep brunette stunner in her youth...and now intervention

  4. Soooooo, do tell where have you moved the Barbie vacuum display too?

    I can't paint, if you want a very abstract bovine oil, let me know maybe I'll paint you one.


  5. Tracy - the arrangement looks fabulous! I wish you lived nextdoor to me so I could have you come help with some of my wall spaces. Wow. I love the painting by your aunt. It's really lovely. Did she do a lot of painting? Also, the $2 sampler is such a find.

    Did you paint the "smile" sign hanging in the eating nook?


    1. p.s. thanks for the bday wishes on my post. :)

  6. Well that little thingamajig is new to me! I've always used the pound six holes for every picture method. :@

    Cute picture of Grandma and Grandpa. Love the swimsuits!

  7. I LOVE your wall arrangement...I think it is a wonderful combination of different pieces that comes together just right!

  8. Love how you designed your wall. Fantastic job! Thanks again for all your wonderful comments.


  9. I love the shot of your grandparents at the lake. And what a difference the display above the piano makes! Puttering pays off. I have to say you are very astute. Your most recent comment at my blog is, I'm afraid, all too accurate. I spent most of the day trying to undo/clean up/move around much of what I have recently brought home. Doesn't mean I got very far, but I spent all day anyway. The lizards are in dire straits.

  10. What a fantastic post! I love your wall - so full of memories and family. I can relate to the white paint. There are few things I wish I had not painted a few years ago when the white paint bug hit. Ah well... Enjoy your gallery wall - it's awesome!... Donna

  11. Hi Tracy, I see that your composers are all decked out in their fall get-ups! I think we have the very same metronome--unless they all have that same plate on the front. Your collection over the piano is very nicely displayed. Don't know how you got it up there with no extra holes! I have never been able to do that. What do your cows think of that gigantic "eat" over their heads? I love it, but they look a little scared! :) Have a nice weekend! Linda

  12. Hi Tracey,

    Just saw Debra's (Common Ground) feature on your "Tackling the Fall Mantel" post and had to scurry over to see more! Love your style and your words. It's always a bonus when I stumble upon a fellow Canadian's blog- somehow, even before I read their profile, my radar flashes and I sense it. Am your newest follower and a fellow fan of alliteration! Hope you'll come by and visit my neck of the woods.

    Have a great weekend.


  13. Well, I have to say that you've created the perfect wall art grouping for above your piano. I love reading the history of the paintings and prints that you have gathered. The frame around the butterflies is simply wonderful, quirky and beautiful.

    You definitely have the touch, Tracey.

    My husband and I have spent time in Banff and Lake Louise and I have to say that part of the country is stunning.

    Thanks so much for joining in this week!


  14. everything looks so beautiful and yet homey, I like that!!! You do have the touch you do!!

  15. Love your arrangement, and the history behind it all! The watercolor from your aunt is a beauty -- I love paintings where the road leads you on a secret journey. And I actually have that chickadee cross-stitch, as yet unfinished! I think I'll have to pull it out and work on it! And I'm definitely checking out that Hang & Level!!
    You have a fun blog -- I'm following!

  16. Your gallery of art over the piano is splendid. Your aunt's watercolor is lovely. Visiting from Claudia's, Olive

  17. Very nice! I had an aunt Shirley too!

  18. Enjoyed your gallery. I remember those 1950's bathing suits. My dad (now 92) had one with the 'belt'. Brought back a summer holiday memory.

  19. I love the eclectic feel of your collage wall! It has muted tones and wood and's perfectly suited for your piano wall.
    I love it.
    ...soothing on the eyes. Pat

  20. I love the arrangement over the piano. There is only one picture (my hubby's granddad, THE teacher) and it's a bit lonly there. May I copy your idea? Happy Sunday to you. Regula

  21. What a nice arrangement - wasn't it worth waiting for? Love your Aunt's painting!

  22. Looks so nice! Now you're making me look at my's not nearly as purtiful as yours. And have I mentioned how much I enjoy your blog?

  23. That arrangement is perfect, Tracy. Each frame is so perfect and they all go together so well. And I loved hearing all the stories that went with each picture!


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