Party Preparation Panic

2nd Annual Lunch & Crafty Halloween Party 2011
NOTE: This blog will be temporarily ignored while I do the three million things I have yet to do for Macy's party tomorrow afternoon. I don't want to disappoint these sweet goblins. I will be recovering about 5pm tomorrow afternoon with my feet up, an ice cold Diet Coke (this is when I really wish I liked wine) and a bag of Halloween treats. :)


  1. Oh, I'm sure you won't disappoint the little bug-eyed bunch! I can't wait to see the party decor in its gruesome glory!

    I hope you picked all your favorite candy bars. Not that I would do such a thing. :@

    Have a ghoulishly good time. Eeheehee!

  2. Have fun! I'm sure it will be fantastic. And then ENJOY that Diet Coke. DC and chocolate make a nice couple. I had a friend who used to put chocolate syrup in her coke cans?! I've never tried it but I do like to snack on a Snickers while sipping sometimes.


  3. Love that cute photo. Have a great party and enjoy that Diet Coke! My vice is Dr. Pepper-no wine for me either.

  4. It's down the wire. We will be patiently waiting and glad to be ignored while you craft a party extraordinaire! Have fun!

  5. Have lots of fun too! Those girls look so cute with their buggy eyes.


  6. I have done a few girls parties in my life, and taken my fair share of them as a group. Your photo is right up there with my personal fav where they had spa day with hair in towels, laid heads together in a circle on the floor and kiwi slices on their eyes. Love the googly eyes.



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