Happy Halloween from Doughboy & Remy!

We couldn't let Halloween go by without warm wishes from these two characters. Doughboy and Remy had a tough time choosing their spooky attire for this year, so they would like you to pick your favourite(s). Don't forget to click on the Halloween music link at right to get the full October fashion effect. They are starting with their Pastry Chef & Cupcake costumes...

Candy Corn and Ghost

Mermaid & Octopus

Genie & Jasmine

and finally, a Witch & Warlock Home Boy

Well, sort of the end. We thought we'd let you know that all of this fame has kind of gone to the boys' heads. They now have a producer and personal assistants. We'll give you a little glimpse of what it was like around here behind the scenes...

Remy gets some help with his shells from Barbie...

The producer working his magic on the set.

Needless to say the boys have become a little high maintenance. They would really appreciate your help in choosing your favourite costumes for them using the poll below. Doughboy and Remy will wear the winning outfit on Halloween night while out on their Trick or Treat rounds. Let's hope they make it through the evening without being trampled by eager children. I'm sure they'll have a driver anyway to take them from house to house. I did see an invoice for a pint-sized black limo the other day. Hmm.

Please vote for your favourite Doughboy and Remy Halloween costume...

**Edited to add: Well, I don't know what happened to all of our votes, but 'POOF' they disappeared! I guess we will have to declare the witch and warlock home boy the winner as they were out in front when the ghost mysteriously zapped our poll. 

Thanks so much for stopping by and have a safe and fun Halloween!


  1. This is a hoot! I'm voting for the mermaid and octopus, but all the costumes were very original!

  2. Now we're talking! Doughboy and Remy make an appearance - I have waited ALL MONTH LONG ....


  3. witch and warlock is my favorite, so cute, you have so much fun!

  4. LOL LOL! Cute post. Happy halloween.


  5. Such a fun, fun post. My favorite thing of all is that tiny candycorn treat bag. Adorable. I love their new assistant Barbie. At least she's dressed. Our Barbies seem to lounge around in the nude a lot.
    Have a fun day tomorrow . . . what is Macy going as?

  6. Give me a moment to clean up the coffee I just snorted out of my nose.

    Okay. Team T&M, you've outdone yourselves! I had such a difficult time deciding who to vote for! Democrat or...oh, wait, that's NEXT week! In the end, I had to go with the pastry chef and cupcake for costume design alone. How do you dream up these outfits?! Remy even has openings in his chef hat for his ears! And the long flowing wig and Warlock Home Boy put this post right over the top for creativity.

    Your props are outstanding and the music makes it all the more fun to view. (The behind-the-scene footage is cute, too.)

    I can't wait to see what the duo are cooking up for Thanksgiving. Oh, wait! You already had Thanksgiving. We don't have to wait until Christmas, do we?

  7. My vote goes to the fab crocheted costumes.

  8. What a fun post. I think Barbie needs a raise. Remy seems a little needy!

  9. Cute poet. I was laughing throughout. Happy Halloween to you!

  10. How is that possible that I'm the only one who thinks the candy corn and ghost are too dammm funny? I need to campaign for it....


  11. I have already voted and I see I'm with the winner.
    Happy Halloween!
    My regards to the stars, Silvina

  12. Adorable!! Voted cupcake and chef! Lori

  13. I totally missed the fun as it happened, as well as the vote. I've been out of town celebrating Casey's birthday at Disney and Epcot and it's a toss up as to which was more fun, going to Disney or watching in amazement at Macy's talent in styling Remy and Doughboy. I'm not even kidding. She has skills! I'm just going to have to look through all the outfits again because I was amazed at each and every one and all the time it must have taken to entertain us with this costume extravaganza. You girls should take your cast of characters and your show on the road; it's so entertaining! Add in Barbie and the producer and your wit, Tracy...and I think we're lucky to get this show for free.


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