Hello Dolly!

Last Friday I came home from my parent's place with a few new-to-me treasures. My favourite is my mother's doll. The carriage belonged to Mom and her sister Shirley (the watercolour artist) and I drug it down from the attic on a hot day in August. The two, circa early 1940's, are together again... albeit like they've never been before. Dolly is sporting a Build-a-Bear witch outfit, nicely concealing a little secret.

Mom and Shirley, spring 1942, with another carriage. Where that one is no one knows. The blue buggy above was repainted, probably in the 60's, but it was originally a dark teal colour. My sister and I played with this carriage when we were kids; it's got lots of miles on it!

Mom and Shirley; doll sweaters knitted by Grandma or Great-Grandma and Mom in summer. I'm sure my mother was gentle with the few toys she had, but note how she's holding Dolly in the photo at right. That may partially explain Dolly's secret: she has a torso, but is limbless. 

She is now sporting temporary prosthetic arms from the anonymous donor above, pictured pre-surgery, freshly home from the Thrift Store.

Dolly does appear a bit surprised that she can hold things again... like her friend Squeaky here. Good thing she can hang on for dear life -- this old buggy doesn't ride like it did when it was new and that's just fine with me. I love it and Dolly just the way they are.

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  1. Tracy, too funny. Glad you found new arms for the doll. The buggy is so cool, and loved seeing the old 1940's photos of your Mom and Shirley.

  2. Great dolly and carriage - seems a trip to the dolly hospital is in order (poor thing).


  3. love your Dolly and glad she is still hanging in their....My Sis has my Chatty Kathy, I prefer she has it in the part of the attic that is for prettys and fun kids memories....love the buggy and your set up...Thanks for a giggle

  4. Dr. Tracy Frankenstein. Who knew you had such hidden talents?! Frankenbaby looks so happy with her new arms and thrifty Halloween costume! And just like Cinderella, she's being carted to the ball in her magic blue vintage buggy. You better be prepared when the rat turns into a horse.

    Your mom and Aunt Shirley are so cute in their tights and Mary Jane's. Do you think perchance a friendly game of tug-of-war between sisters resulted in the loss of limbs? Maybe the originals are buried on the farm.

    I'm afraid thrift store dolly won't even be able to dial 911 for help on her cute little telephone now that she has no arms. So very sad.

    Thanks for the late night entertainment! :@

  5. Love the buggy. I am glad you gave dolly some arms-she looks cute waiting for Halloween. Love the vintage pics of your family!

  6. What great pictures of cute girls with their dolls! I must be about the age of your mother - I also still have my dolls and their buggy. Thanks for sharing your treasures. Sally

  7. Cute Dolly and that carriage.....lovely!
    I already knew you make fantastic vignettes but a surgeon too?
    The owls are very sweet too.
    Besos, Silvina

  8. Dolls have sure come a long way since we were kids. I look at mine and think no wonder I had nightmares.


  9. Ha! She IS surprised. Too cute, and your bionic doll can go through life with a new attitude now that she has arms to attach as needed. I'm amazed that the doll and the carriage lasted. Usually people throw things away that get damaged like that. So glad they held on so you could resurrect them. She is perfect, and what fun to see your mom and her sister with their dolls. What a treasure!

  10. Tracey, this is just so much fun!! Love the dolly and great carriage. I'll be featuring this post on Vintage Inspiration tomorrow, thanks for joining in!

  11. LOVE THIS! Pinning and following along now! Stop by my blog sometime, especially toward Halloween to see my use of dolls. I used some doll heads in last year's mantel display which you can find on my blog as well. I love Halloween and old dolls!


  12. Thank you so much for sharing on Simple & Sweet Fridays. I always love all your wonderful comments. I'm so lucky to have you as a blogging friend. Have a great week!


  13. I LOVE THIS!!!! Came across photo from another blog friend of yours and had to skip over! I simply must borrow your idea for next year, I know my grandsons willlaugh hysterically!!! Great post and P.S love the itty bitty mouse detail in her new hands! Lori


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