A Little Bit O' Boo

By now you may know that I love decor with a personal touch. Especially for Halloween. With Macy staying overnight at Grandma and Grandpa's, all I needed this morning was a photo of relatives, my Mac, and an ice cold Diet Coke with Lime... heee heee heeee.....

Mamie Jane's

I was inspired by Jane's spooky vintage cabinet card. BUT, since the only item I had to work with was the pant hanger that I got free at a garage sale a few weeks ago... I had to improvise. 

This is what it really looks like with out the PicMonkey Macabre Tarnish and darkened edges. Seated is my great-grandmother Mary Emma, and behind her, (which is where you'll see I got my love of BIG HAIR) are my great aunts Eva, Emma, Carrie and Sophronia. I found some lovely Salem style millinery on the web and gave them a little Halloween twist. They lived in Oak Gulch, South Dakota in the early 1890's before moving to Wisconsin -- thus the inspiration for the title.

I was hoping to find a vintage 5x7 mat in my stash to spook up but when I didn't have that I came up with my own idea. I used on hand digital paper and elements, printed them on matte photo paper and covered a plain 5x7 mat. Voila. My newest Halloween decor.

Credits: Patterned paper by Leora Sanford; All Hallow's Night.
Witch and border by Rebecca McMeen, Moon Whispers.
Font: CM Old Western

We are just getting started with our Halloween decorating and must be ready for Macy's annual party on Friday. Now where's my magic wand when I need it?

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  1. My photo shop skills are not good enough to add spider webs and witch hats to photos. Very cool!

  2. Well, let's backtrack. You used your wand and fairy dust when you conjured up the silhouettes so that's probably where you left them. :@

    Very techno-savvy creation! The hanger is the perfect solution to hang the framless photo of your big haired ancestors! All that hair would make a framed photo too heavy anyway.

    Except for the jar of eyeballs, I'd feel right at home in that corner of your house. It looks like the lab where I started my work career 216 years ago.

    Water those flowers please.

  3. Hi Tracy,
    I love your fabulously spooky halloween hanging! How fun that you had the picture of your ancestors to use. I wish I had your skills with the computer!! Thanks for showing my cabinet card creation. Hope you're enjoying your weekend.

  4. Darn girl you are just flat out too creative...want to teach me how to do all this...Oops I already have way too many projects to get finished...
    Oak Gulch So.Dak..I have to look that one up, is that any where around Woonsocket,My Aunt lives their, Or Parston, Where my Mom was born...or Puckawana,,,yeah a real town...so where is Oak Gulch, Me Rapid City,So.Dak....every one in our family with exception of my youngest son...a Born in Texas...then what does he do,,,Marines short of 9 years then goes to help my Mom in Rapid City...and meets his love...and now wife...So she and her two sons..become part of our family..funny how that state keeps cropping up! so again you amaze me and thank you for inspirations...

  5. Wow, you do it up right! That picture adds so much to the spooky feel. I love what you did turning your ancestors into witches, and that picture is perfect for that. I added some masks to photos last night, but didn't do anything as elaborate. This is so cute, as are all your decorations. Is that spider's web something you added in picmonkey or is it really in the room? Can't wait to see the rest of what you do for the party. I do wonder, will Remy and Doughboy be getting into the act?

  6. I HAVE to try this! I haven't played much with adding to the photos, but these are too cute! I need one of my family!

  7. The bigger the hair the closer to God.

    Pinned it too

  8. I've been playing around with those PicMonkey Halloween edits too...aren't they fun. Of course, you've taken it to a whole new level! This is very cute and looks perfect with your other decor! Your ancestors will fit right in at the party ":o)

  9. Fantastic job. I love that its relatives in the photo. Great job!

  10. I want to live with you... PLEASE! I promise to move out November 1st, and I will do all the dishes and the washing and the ironing and take out the trash and feed the dog. Promise!
    I love people who take Hallowe'en seriously. Can't wait to see what else you come up with!

  11. What a great project! Love the family picture -- so special because it has meaning. Sally

  12. Coming to you from Quirky Vistas blog and loving this!! How fabulous! Happily following you via GFC and looking forward to more!

  13. This is fantastic Tracy! I love the brilliant use of a pant hanger - adds that extra "something." Do you save all of your creations from year to year or start fresh each Halloween?

  14. Hi Tracy, I'm so glad I came by to visit your blog instead of simply answering back (you came by my place). This a lovely blog, I've become a Follower so I'll come more often.
    Cheers, Victoria

  15. Hi, I hopped over from Liz at Quirky Vista. Love, love the hats! I would love you to come link up with Share Your Cup Thursday. Now following you.

  16. Really cool!!! The hanger is a sweet idea for hanging photos or anything vintage!!!! I posted chalk board table and chic americana to knick of time. Following you now. Follow me too at www.sewsweetvinatge.com

  17. Of course my fingers meant www.sewsweetvintage.com:) But I see you got there clever girl:) Pinned your idea!

  18. That was so witty clever! I have so many old family photos..what they don't know won't hurt them!!

    Jan from The Pink Geranium


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