Peony Distress Call (Front Flower Bed Part II)

Ta - da!! Presenting my new front flower bed and trellis fence! Mr. CF helped me transplant some perennials and add a couple of new ones today. I will plant my seedlings Saturday as there is still a risk of frost tonight. I have sunflowers, delphiniums, cosmos, zinnia, salvia and black-eyed susan to add yet. I decided to move our 45 year old white peony (at the centre post) even though I know it won't bloom this summer now. It is suffering serious transplant shock -- at least it is cool and raining lightly to ease it's poor little self. My neighbour loves the new bed & fence -- it will add some privacy for her as she likes to sit out on her front deck and read in the morning. The elementary school is the building with the blue roof in the background, so there is quite a bit of foot traffic along here. The mailman gave it two thumbs up this morning!

We spent our May long weekend building. Miss M was very helpful as per usual. I have some cove moulding to cut and add under the post caps, but other than that, it is done!

Good thing there were only three posts; our little family of three was perfect for lifting it into place. We managed to step around the perennials given to me last fall by my cousin. I did buy an amethyst coralberry shrub, one each shasta daisy and purple coneflower (which I split) and three small tickseeds. The rest will be transplanted or seedlings.

The plans for our arbor and the trellis fence both came from this book; there are oodles of good designs in here.

 Don't you love it when they post your age right in front of your house? Living in a 30 zone was much easier to take. My sunflowers and delphiniums will be easy to tie to the fence and the cosmos and zinnia will fill things in nicely while the perennials get established. At least that is my plan... not sure what the neighbourhood hares and the occasional deer will think about the new buffet -- hopefully they will turn their noses up at it.

I'm so happy to have this bed in... I just can't wait for midsummer to see how it looks then. Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. It looks fantastic! How brave of you to move the peony - I never have much luck moving a mature plant like that.

    Thanks for visiting my little blog project!!

  2. Looks great!!! I think you transplanted your peony at just the right time with the cooler temps and rain. I dug out some of my Annabelle hydrangea and planted it in other areas of out yard, so hopefully they will perk up when the sun shines. I think your new garden will look fabulous this summer! Your trellis fence is perfect for that spot. Good idea to get your daughter into DIY projects at an early age. :@

  3. Oh, wow! I love your trellis fence. I need to do something on my back patio but want something I can do myself without needing a lot of brawn and tools I don't have. Maybe I could manage a similar idea. Thanks for the inspiration. I found you at Rooted in Thyme! Oh and that pic of you from 1964 up top is the cutest thing!

    1. Tracy, thanks for stopping over at Quirky Vistas with your great comment. I too love my backyard tree and ladder. I used to have a swing hanging there and I want one again. I love to look at that spot out my kitchen window.

      Yeah, I could probably handle that fence if I got someone to come and help. I just hate the thought of having to mix and pour concrete to make the fence post stable but i guess it can't be helped. One of these days...after I get all this junk out of the way and made into something, then I will move on to doing something like what you did. I really do like the look of it.

  4. Your yard is looking fantastic. I love your trellis fence! Thanks so much for sharing on Simple & Sweet Fridays.
    Hope you have a relaxing week, you deserve it!



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