Front Yard Flower Beds Come to She Who Waits... and Waits (Part I)

September 2011... Macy needed a photo for school of her favourite place in the whole world. She wanted a photo of our home and that made me smile. It makes me smile again to know that we are finally putting in the flower bed I've wanted in the front yard for two years now. Note my almost 50 year old bleeding heart behemoth at the front door!

When we bought our 1965 spit level 3 years ago we knew it needed curb appeal but there were oodles of more pressing items to be fixed... like wiring not up to code, new attic insulation, parging to cover the nasty blue styrofoam insulation on the addition, hideous former kitchen remodel, terribly neglected empty back yard, and so many more. Oh, and filling the hole in the front lawn left by the birch. 

I got my first glimpse of our house circa 1971 from my dear neighbour a few weeks ago -- I was so excited to see this photo. We had the very same fence in turquoise and white in the house I grew up in. Note the size of the cedar at the corner of the house and then look above to see what 40 years of growing can do!

We planted an amur cherry in the fall of 2010 (we had BIG ones at a previous home and loved them) and took out both corner hedges this past summer -- but not on the day of this hailstorm. :) Macy is sentimental like her mama and insisted that we keep part of the hedge. The bit left standing was relocated to the back yard.

To say we're starting with a clean slate is an understatement.    Photo from April 2012.

Mr. Crow's Feet, Uncle Bradley & their supervisor hard at work this morning. The trellis fence is starting to get built tomorrow and I've got seedlings waiting, plants to move and a shrub to pick out.  I hope to buy just the shrub and some tickseed for this bed. We shall see. The sunflowers, cosmos, zinnia, black-eyed susan, and others are a few inches high. Good thing they aren't planted yet as there is a frost warning tonight. Sigh. I'm heading out now to cover the baby boo pumpkins and the canary creeper. If the weather (and Mr. CF) cooperates I will hopefully have an update by early next week!


  1. It looks like you're off to a good start! I've never heard of an amur cherry. My mother has amur maples and they are petite shrublike trees that grow very slowly. I'm anxious to see your trellis fence. Did your husband build your arbor, too? I had one in the yard of our previous home with a white picket gate. Sigh.

  2. It looks like you have a great design. Can't wait to see how your front yard will evolve. Looking forward to seeing lots of beautiful flowers.



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