My Mother's Day Bouquet

 Here they are... the spring stars of my garden. That is the whole show. My dry shade flower bed in the back yard surprised me this spring with this blast of colour. I totally forgot about the grocery store primrose that I had stuck back there after the blooms faded and now here she is. I checked last years photos and we still had tulips here in June. I'm a bit envious of of my green thumbed friends south of the border with... ahem, slightly longer growing seasons! Oh well... I will take all the green I can get right now. And the purple.

After the Mother's Day Brunch guests left I puttered out in the yard watering and pulling a few weeds. It is a beautiful day and brunch was fun. The photos of everyone on the 'clothesline' were a HUGE success. Macy gave me one of her famous manies and pedies. She made my day.


  1. It sounds like a wonderful day. Don't you just love those first flowers of the season? I can't think of anything more calming than digging in my flower beds.

  2. Beautiful blog and a lot of inspiration. Have a nice day


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