Happy Mother's Day!

I made a new sign for Sunday... a little tweaking of the spring mantle and we're ready for our annual Mother's Day brunch. At least the mantle is ready. The grocery shopping has a ways to go yet.

Easy, peasy and total cost: $0. I used the font LD Petticoat Black, printed out and transferred to one of the old fence boards in my stash. I used craft paints that I had on hand and dried well using my high dollar drying station, pictured at right. Sand and voila!

I enlarged and printed the photos at home and picked up the clothespins from Mom last night. They are the same ones that I used to pin the clothes on the line back in the 60's and 70's when we were much smarter and used clotheslines.

I printed photos of everyone that will be at the brunch with their mothers. My mom, my dad, my daughter, my husband, my aunt, my mother-in-law, hubby's aunt and our neighbour. We're all there and DD knows who everyone is in these old photos, and that makes me smile.

 This is one of my favourites. My mom and I on our way to church in front of the house I grew up in (which is in the same city I live in now). Roots are good. Wishing you all a very Happy Mother's Day! :)

Edited on Mother's Day to add:
We were happy to add two more guests to brunch and photos of them with their mothers to the clothesline: my cousin and our neighbour friend from across the street. The photos were a HUGE success!

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  1. Your mantel is looking very festive! I love the photo of you and your mother. (And the red truck in the background, too.)

  2. Oh my gosh! What a fun blog! I especially love your Halloween decor. : )


  3. I love your mantle. Amazing :)

    Happy Mother's Day!

  4. Rather partial to a nice piece of signage, I am. From here on, I'll be having a beady eye out for nice bits of timber. Signage propaganda (I Love Mum) for good, not evil, I say!


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