My Garden Shed

Three years after finding the 100+ year old wood, and many years after hoping I would someday have my own shed, she is finally a reality and I love her. I can see her from my kitchen window and love seeing the dormer from our ensuite upstairs. The stained glass window in the dormer came from a 105 year old house in Vernon, BC which is one of our favourite places to visit in the summer.

Many thanks to my husband who painstakingly did all of the finishing after we had the framing done professionally. My jobs were shed designer, assistant, drill operator, gopher, and in charge of coming up with bits to add on to make more work. Macy made us delicious lunches so that we didn't have to stop working. Max was a big help in the supervision, squirrel management, and cleaning up any apples that fell from the trees. A family project that we will all enjoy.

Circa 1935
The lumber came from this old store in a small ghost town in Saskatchewan. It belonged to my cousin's husband's grandparents. I love the family connection and I know the original owners would be thrilled to know that the wood was reused, just like everything was way back then.

Taken on our 1300km round trip from Alberta to Saskatchewan and back to pick up the lumber.

Geo and I after loading up our lumber. This is my cousin's grandparent-in-law's long ago home.
You can see it to the left in the 1935 photo of the gas station/general store.

I love my door. The colour is SW Aqueduct.

25+ year old antlers from Dad's stash.

This is the perfect place to sit during a rainstorm. The porch was made using recycled
boards from the behemoth deck we took down last summer to make a patio. Best move ever.

Love my old window with the adjustable fresh air feature -- a gift from my friend and neighbour.

The west window provides up close and personal views of the birds at the feeders.

Just finished the slope with leftover rundle stone to make the mower from the other
shed more accessible for the resident lawn attendant. Hope she appreciates it. 

Most of these gorgeous old shiplap boards were 10" wide by 16 feet long. 

Start date: July 9th, 2016

Trying to beat the rain.

After removing the layers of paint we were
down to the original finish.
Adding the very last piece of siding!

Taken in an outbuilding during our lumber pick up. Why, oh why didn't I bring that galvanized tub home?

Thank you for stopping by for a look. I hope to not wait another two years before I post again. I will look forward to winter this year so that I can see how my shed looks all decked out for Christmas. Then there is working on the interior and the flower bed to come in the spring! Lots to look forward to. :)


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  1. Oh Tracy I love this. What a wonderful and beautiful shed. I am a bit jealous. It is gorgeous. I love the family ties from the wood. That makes it even more special. So great to see you back posting.

  2. Thank you so much Kris! I'll be thinking of you and your fantastic inspiration when I paint the interior white in the spring! ��

  3. Envious! What a cute little shed, I'd love to have this in our backyard. I love the door color and the glass knob,,,perfect! THanks for sharing the construction photos too.
    Lori in Blue Ridge, GA

    1. Thank you very much Loris... the glass knob is one of my favourite items too. I was thrilled to find reproduction vintage door hardware and knobs for a very reasonable price. :)

  4. I love your garden shed. The color of the door is divine! It is just perfect and what I picture a garden shed to be. Great work!

    1. Thank you Annmarie... I was repainting my kitchen island that colour and so in light of saving $ the door/trim ended up that colour too. :)

  5. What a wonderful project! The process looks like it was such a great portion of the fun. Lovely results.


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