This IS Scary! (posting again)

Happy Halloween decor time friends!

It's just the right time to come out of the woodwork (again) and dust off the old blog. After recovering from decorating for Macy's 3rd Annual Junior Miss Halloween Conjuring Party this past week I figured I surely could muster up a post as well. The cobwebs on the blog (and my desk) are perfect for the season. 

It's the first Halloween for the new (last December) green walls in the dining room and they lend themselves perfectly to the spookiness for our fourth year of Paranormal Portraits. We added number eight this year -- my Great Grandpa Jacob from Norway on the far left. The other three are on the piano. Gotta spread around the paranormal love.

My sweet (not creepy at all) doll noggin from Vickie oversees the action in the dining room.

And there was a lot of action... eight 11 year olds sewing, dancing, and eating -- not necessarily in that order -- with one batty old witch giving instructions.
Cackle cackle.

In another corner of the dining room is our new pet 'Batty' perched on my maternal grandmother's Singer. Totally inspired by the so very talented Dave Lowe, it was a really easy item to make once I found her home on 1/2 price at Sears. I know, we're original on the names.

Batty's perch and bones will go into storage after the 31st and we'll use her home for other less guanofied vignettes. At least that is the plan.

Fall Mantle 2013... a repeat of 2012 minus the tackle box. With the entire fireplace wall blue my lovely fishing kit disappeared. Still no river rock but the awful flying saucer sconces are gone gone gone. Now I can look forward to someday having a mantle wider than a credit card.

The walls always look a bit wonky on the monitor, but these are our Benjamin Moore colours with the addition of Rocky Beach. 

I am liking the way my yellow kitchen walls work with the Halloween decor. Things really pop now with the orange and black. The small shelf and metal brackets make it super easy to hang a crocheted bunting. The candy corn on the top shelf does NOT make it super easy to snack. That's why there is another container for easy access on a lower shelf. For Macy and guests, of course.

Thanks so much for stopping by today and for checking on me while on my Blog Holiday. I will be around to see what you all have been up to. I sure hope no one has had to have the snow shovel out yet -- I'm not ready to think about w*nter yet.

On a little side note, on the chance that my dear neighbour friend Louise has a moment with her iPad, I'd like to send her a heartfelt get well wish. I'm hoping that she'll be out of the hospital before long and home soon so I can harass her in person once again. xo


P.S. I do plan on doing a little cooking soon so I'll be back with a look at our 2013 Halloween Apothecary.

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  1. The paranormals are so fun! I also have a doll head now. The fall decor looks great. Glad to have you back.

  2. Velcome back! It's been waaaay too long since you've treated us to a CFC post. I especially love your blue walls as a background to your landscape painting and all the autumn oranges on your mantel. And your yellow kitchen walls bring your already colorful displays to life! The green in your dining room works well with your Halloween decor and will look just as nice throughout the seasons. I'm impressed with your new pet bat, but is Max?

    I'm looking forward to more posts from north of the border, but for now, my presence is required by a country girl spooked by the shadows cast on bedroom walls by "city" lights.

    DeeDee :)

  3. It's a day to celebrate, welcome back to posting! Hope you are feeling all witchy good. This year I am making some big paranormal portraits, in fact might be my next post. Inspired by you of course.

  4. Oh how I have missed your posts! Welcome back. I hope we will be catching up on Doughboy's adventures soon as well?!

  5. Very creative and inspiring as always!

  6. so glad to have you back in blogland!! ♥ nc


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