A Post... Believe It or Not!

Today is a special day for our little family... our daughter's eleventh birthday. So, in honour of her day I have come out of the woodwork and dusted off the cobwebs here at Crow's Feet Chic. I've also done some dusting at home and celebrated with a Birthday cubby!

 Our birthday girl. (Taken last summer when we had shirt sleeve weather.)

Thank you Mo for your always gorgeous art (birthday hat, photo frame, candles, etc)! xo

Crocheted party hats for the guests of course and a 30's fabric bunting snipped with pinking shears. The reproduction sampler has my great grannie's name on it. Wilhelmina insisted on wearing her birthday suit and luckily is holding Macy's headband bouquet made by my dear friend, the lovely and talented
Mo Jackson.

We all need a calorie free birthday cake. I crocheted this one inspired by this cake here! The bag and flower are one of many, many things that Macy and I received from my friend Mo this spring that is made from a vintage 30's quilt. I made the Little Quilt on the parlour cabinet about 20+ years ago.

I was very excited to receive my new car and trailer in the mail last week. My first new addition to my collection in ages!

 The Pièce de résistance... sent to me by my dear friend Vickie of Ranger911. My doll head. I just love her. The other members of the household... well, not so much. They do not like her one little bit and I just don't get it. I LOVE her! I make her hats and perch her here and there and they promptly move her down to my desk. So I got to bring her upstairs for the party on Sunday and then she was asked politely to move back down. Apparently she'll be welcome during the Halloween decor phase. Well, I think she's fabulous and I love her.

Speaking of peeps I love...

June is a very special month for birthdays...

not only is it Macy's birthday today,

Say Happy Birthday to Vickie at Ranger 911 today!

Mo at http://www.mojackson.com/ just yesterday!

(You have to check it out, it's a very cool place)

My niece Kelsey at the beginning of the month!

My Aunt Carolyn at the end of the month!

My Aunt Marlene at the beginning of the month!

and Uncle Brad at the end of the month (beside cute Mr. Crow's Feet)!

Thank you everyone for continuing to check back. I hadn't planned on taking a blog break, but had some 'surprise' health changes this spring. Everything is fine and we are adjusting here at the crow's nest. I am unable to drive until December but more walking is good for all of us, right? :) It certainly limits the amount of shopping one can do. (But that new 1955 Crown Victoria and Airstream did arrive by mail.) :D

I apologize if I am behind on email. I will get caught up and get back to visit your blogs. I have been outdoors more -- even though our weather can not really pass for spring. It's more like a really good winter. Thanks again for your emails... I value all of your friendship and the inspiration you give me. Have a wonderful summer... I just hope the weather arrives to go with it!!

Thanks so much for stopping by!


  1. Holy heck, I thought my eyes were deceiving me! Glad to see you back in the saddle. You do know that Wilhelmina's upper torso is uncovered don't you? Nothing like a half naked monkey to wake me up this afternoon! Happy Birthday to all involved. Looks like a wonderful party!

  2. Cute post. Welcome back. Love that car and the Airstream.

  3. You've got a whole lot of birthdays to celebrate this month, but none more important than your almost teenage daughter. Happy Birthday to my twin Macy! Just a few short years separate us. :)

    I want that birthday cubby! It's adorable filled with your crocheted lovelies and collectibles and sitting on the sweet quilt, too. Someday I hope to be able to edit and add those little doodads to photos. I checked out your friend Mo's site and I'm very impressed with her many talents!

    Thank you for all the things you've made for me and the grands, and you MADE my day with your unexpected phone call today. :@

    Welcome back!
    xo, Vickie

    p.s. Could you straighten out my 5 year old nose please. It would save me much grief in years to come.

  4. what a wonderful post, I have missed you, happy birthday to everyone, I love the way you decorate!

  5. Oh, I'm so happy to see your post at the top of my blogroll! I know it takes a certain amount of feeling good and a lot of energy to post on our blogs. Not wanting to intrude on your privacy, I had no idea you were not well, and I'm sorry to hear it now. But this post, as well as your familiar and much loved humor gives me a hint you're doing alright. I do hope so! Happy Birthday to Macy and all your other dear friends and family! My favorite is your bubble blowing aunt. She made me guffaw! So glad you're here, Tracy. You make the world a better place!

  6. Well Hello my Friend!!!! So happy to see you up and blogging again. I have missed you. Welcome back!! Glad to hear you are doing so much better. Happy Birthday to that sweet and cute daughter!!! She is adorable. I will have to head over and wish Miss 911 a Happy Birthday too. Take care and so happy to see you back up and running.

  7. Glad you are back with a fun birthday cubby! It's my birthday tomorrow.

  8. So glad to see you back blogging. So sorry you had surprize health issues, will add you to my prayers. I will also try and send some of our heat your way, we've been in the 90's with a couple of triple digits. I personally don't think it should ever get above 75. Obviously living in the desert is the wrong place for me.

    Hugs from California, Dawna

  9. Cutest crochet party hat EVER!


  10. Hello!!! I was missing you and your posts a lot.
    Thanks you are back and everything is OK!
    You cubby is lovely, that car and trailer...I'll tell you the same I've told Vickie some time ago: I'm waiting your posts sharing all those fantastic vintage cars/vans...togheter, I love them!
    Happy Birthday to Macy!

  11. Ok love every one of these pics...and the way you do it...and me...Yes June Bday too....to your daughter enjoy every moment and spend your time having fun when young for long memories as we age....just back from our almost 4000 mile round the family world trip...weather here or not we go to see them...and feel good we did...love all the pics and Happy Birthday to all

  12. Just what I've been waiting for. I'll still check everyday just the same! They are wonderful and a very happy birthday to Macy.

  13. I am so sorry to hear you've had a health issue and hope you continue to recover!! But I am also sorry to say I do NOT like body-less heads, haha!! Happy Birthday to your daughter.

  14. what a sweet display! love everything...the crochet hats are to die for!! my maggie's 3rd birthday is this saturday and i wish i could crochet her a hat!! happy birthday to your sweet girl :)

  15. Hi Tracy, so sorry not to have seen your post sooner. I've been checking in to see if you were back at the blog, but then hit a blog visiting slump because of too many things going on here. A belated happy birthday to Macy! As always your cubbies are too cute for words. I'm jealous of your new camper and Crown Vic, but I did find an old 58 chevy at a sale yesterday and thought of you. Wished the lady had had an airstream too. I suppose one of these days I'll have to go online and find a set. Oh, and all of your crochet continues to amaze me. Crochet is one of your superpowers, I'm certain of it.

  16. How is it that I just saw this post?! Your cubby is just darling, as usual. I am sorry to hear that you're unable to drive, kind of a pain, I imagine, but you always take the positive spin . . . Hope you're able to have an occassional DC.

  17. Hi Tracey,
    Just wanted to pop by and say Hi. Hope all is going better for you and you are getting to a better place health wise. Hope to see you up and posting again soon. Miss you friend.

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