Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Halloween Apothecary 2013

Just around the corner from my kitchen is our handy witch's larder. You never know when you're going to need a pinch of this or a titch of that. 

Come closer...

Yes, that's good. We love our ever growing collection of homemade and purchased bottles and jars. Our favourites are the homemades. All thrifted and made up with our own concoctions. It's a great way to clean up stale spices that you purchase from the bulk section and don't quite fit in your spice jar. 

Our Bee's Knees are poppy seed; new this year are the Bat Kneecaps. The girls made them at the Halloween Party using dried black beans. These are super easy with these editable labels available on Etsy. I made mine a bit wider to work with the dollar store  square mini mason jars.  

A prized new item this year are these lovely teeth from a dental school. A treasured gift from my dear friend and most unconventional gift giver, Vickie. These received a much warmer welcome from the other family members than my beloved doll noggin. Go figure.

Here is the absolute easiest apothecary jar filler ever -- the polished stones that come in floral arrangements. I just did a little Photoshop fiddling with a free label found here and voila -- our personalized labels!

Did you notice my vintage lighting? $20 at Target and even cheaper in the US I am sure. Mr. Crow's Feet discovered that we didn't have any beams right where I wanted to hang my light and did not want to puncture the vapour barrier in the attic. I needed my light to be in this corner for Halloween so we came up with a temporary solution: 3M Command Hooks. I won't win any contests for presentation, but they do the trick. We used the velcro sticky stuff for hanging pictures but used the cord bundler hangers and it has been 3 weeks crash free! Touch wood.

The next image may be a little too frightening for some. 

Viewer discretion is advised....

Miss Wilhelmina sporting her new jack-o-lantern jumper fresh off the hook! She's snuggled right up next to some rotted composer on the piano not too far from great Aunt Marie and her first husband. I used the free pattern found here on Ravelry, adding a couple rows to accommodate her long, slim torso. I also used an H hook and made my own style sleeves and pumpkin lid. That bikini she wore just wasn't keeping her warm enough now that the north winds have started to blow.

Thanks for stopping by to have a look at our 2013 Apothecary and hope Wilhelmina didn't give you too much of a fright. Tis the season.


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Jennifer Rizzo


  1. Miss W looks pretty cute in her pumpkin outfit! She is too fun for that stiff. Love the apothecary jars and bottles. Fun fun fun, Tracy!

  2. What a perfectly eerie and magical display!
    I actually laughed out loud when I scrolled down to your festive monkey! A riot!

  3. what fun, everything is perfect and I love all your potions!

  4. Tracy,
    What fun Miss W all dressed up for Halloween. She is so cute. I showed Midge and she liked her outfit very much. All your witchy jars so so so cute. All of your displays are so much fun. VIckie is a hoot with sending your those teeth!!!! Too fun.

  5. I almost jumped right off the couch when I saw ANOTHER post at CFC!!! hehe Love your apothecary shop- you make it look so easy to create the labels (but I know it's not). Your new lighting creates a laboratory (pronounced la bore' a tory) setting fit for the witches brew I'm sure you've got simmering on the stovetop. Guaranteed to pop your teeth out. And it's a bit hard to tell under her new costume, but it looks like Mina may have put on a few pounds around her middle section. Or......no, it can't be. A baby sock monkey on the way?! eeeek

    Thanks for the entertainment, Tracy!

  6. I love your apothecary. It is full of very rare ingredients indeed.

    xo Danielle

  7. I need a titch of something but not kidney stones. I'm going to bleach my eyes out now cuz a monkey in a pumpkin suit is terrifying.

  8. Ok, I just lost an hour of my life looking at all the labels and stuff at the etsy store! Love Miss Wilhelmina's outfit. Too cute! She must have her own dresser drawer full of clothes by now!

  9. Oh, I've already been at Target once today for something, so now I immediately want to go back and check out those lights! Dinner can wait.

  10. glad to see you posting again, Tracy, we've missed you. I came looking for you and your Halloween hi-jinx last week!

  11. Tracy, Loved hearing from you!! This post is so cute please come to Simple & Sweet Fridays this week and share. Loved seeing Miss Wilhelmina and her Halloween outfit! Happy Wednesday!!

  12. Such a beautiful collection!! Love your "spooky" corner!! :) :) Happy sweet day! xx Holly

  13. Fantastic apothecary! I always enjoy how you display things and those jars and bottles are great. Lovely teeth...
    It's so nice visiting your posts again!

  14. I love your vintage cage light in your spooky corner. Enjoyed your blog and am a new follower so I will be back to visit more.

    Thanks for stopping by Timeless Treasures with a nice comment. Hope you will visit again.
    Audrey Z.

  15. Fabulous apothecary cabinet! I love all your yummy potions and mixtures. So much fun!

  16. Tracy, Just wanted you to know I will be featuring your fantastic Halloween Apothecary this week at Simple & Sweet Fridays. Happy Halloween!!

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