Winter Wonderland

It's January and that certainly means ice skating in Canada. I remember going down to the rink at our elementary school (or the toboggan hill behind our house) every night after supper. It didn't quite look like skating on Lake Louise, Alberta, above, but it was still magical. Wilhelmina isn't one to miss out on the fun...

or the fashion! 

I crocheted this capeline last week and sent the photo of Wilhelmina modelling it to her maker, Miss Vickie (who is no monkey haute couture slouch) and she wondered where the skates were! Why yes, it is a skating cape -- how could I have missed that? Thanks Vickie!

I found the free vintage 1905 pattern here on Ravelry, of course. I made the cape a bit shorter than the pattern called for and went for a more dainty trim on the hood. I made the skirt using the same SC/DC stitch and finished off the ball of yarn with the miniature muff. I found the monkey skates at Michael's... for $11.99 -- I could get people skates at the thrift store for less!! Thank goodness for the 40% off coupon.

Wilhelmina gets a closer look at our ice sculptures which are formed courtesy of our new high efficiency furnace. Mr. CF chips them off and adds them to the collection on the deck.

Just thought I'd share Macy's winter mantle with you too. I added the instant art which I printed last year. You can find it here: The Graphics Fairy. She couldn't resist gathering our herd of clearance glitter deer; I think she did a great job.

I had wished earlier that my printer printed larger than 13x19 but now with my blue wall I love how the glass on the tray gives the print a mat!

Hope you get out and have some winter fun too!

Thanks so much for stopping by.

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  1. Peggy Fleming, Dorothy Hamill, and now the new trend setting skater extraordinaire Wilhelmina takes to the ice! She's looking SO fashionable in her beautifully crocheted skating atire and custom leather skates. Lucky, lucky girl!

    Miss Macy has created a lovely winter mantelscape. A chip off the old block (that would be you) me thinks. :@ Speaking of chipping, the ice sculptures look a bit like dolphins.

    Gorgeous photo of Lake Louise. Almost makes me want to take my skates out of storage.

  2. Who knew you could find "Monkey skates"! Bravo on making a fashion icon out of Wilhelmina. She is the perfect model to showcase your talent. I'm so jealous of your crochet skills and that you have the opportunity to ice skate. What a gorgeous place that would be to kick up some ice (and believe you me, I would "kick up" a lot of it as I bit the ice) on my way down, I'm sure. Hope you are enjoying your Winter!

  3. that is the cutest sock monkey outfit ever!! So cute!

  4. Thank you for a giggle,I am knee deep in paint..painting the living room...and it is a huge challenge...will show on my blog some day when I get it done....I love the pics and remember walking out the back side of the elementary school and going skating until dark...then waiting in the warming house with the bon fire...for mom to come pick us up...every day for months we skated....

  5. Wilhelmina has some fancy threads. She skates in style. If I were to skate ever again, I would have a gigantic pillow strapped to my butt. So you have a budding decorator there. My girls were only interested in clothes at her age.

  6. Love the outfit! Living in Toronto I can relate to the skating and tobogganing. Many happy hours were also spent building "igloos" and snow forts.

    Enjoy the winter,

  7. Your monkeys are amazing! Wilhelmina is gorgeous in her skating attire. Love those skates-they were worth it to complete her ensemble. Macy's mantle looks great. Love the free artwork! The ice skating looks awesome!

  8. What a chic monkey all decked out for the ice skating rink. I especially love the red pom poms. Your winter mantle is beautiful. I'm very envious of your large format printer, and I've always loved that artwork from The Graphics Fairy. Brilliant of you to pair it with Macy's colorful glitter deer. Macy obviously has inherited her mother's decorating skills. I also love that photo of Lake Louise. I was lucky enough to visit there years and years ago, but have never seen it frozen over. It would be the most beautiful place in the world to ice skate!

  9. That is too darn adorable, and it is also dam mm funny - that little monkey face, hands all warm in the muffler, tail sticking out. Ah ha ha ha ha. Thanks for linking Willi up.


  10. That's about the cutest skating outfit I have ever seen. I won one of Vickie's sock monkeys in a giveaway in December. I love it/her! Sandy the sock monkey is even going to do a guest post on my blog next week if I can get her to get off her tush and start working on it.

  11. Forgot to add that I love that paint color by the fireplace. Do you remember what color it is? I'm supposed to be painting my bathroom this weekend, but I'm deciding between 12 different shades of blue right now.

  12. So adorable! I love the little opening for the tail. You are having a ball, and I can tell. Love it!

  13. Your title made me laugh and I had to come see for myself. Haute couture indeed! ;)

    <3 Christina at I Gotta Create!
    Wildly Original linky party is open

  14. Wilhelmina looks perfect in her skating cape and skates...and the tail hanging down is priceless...

  15. Such a cute skating outfit! Kate's American girl doll has those same Michael's skates.

    Obviously Macy has inherited your design gene, she did a great job with the mantle. I love how that print looks with the deer and it's all so cheerful with your new wall color.

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    Be sure and check out my new Blog Hop that we just started, It's Weekly Goals Link Up. It's a great way to stay on track. Have a great day. :) Here's the link in case you want to check it out. Thanks again.

  17. Tracy, Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful winter post at SImple & Sweet Fridays, I love Wilhelmina's skating outfit, So cute! Thanks for always stopping by with your inspiring comments. Have a wonderful week!


  18. Although Lake Louise looks gorgeous, it LOOKS COLD!!! Wilhemina is gorgeous and her outfit is to die for! Nice crocheting!

  19. Very cute! We are expecting 18 hours if snow here in the Cotswolds tomorrow so I might try to make myself a snow monkey :)

  20. My niece had one of those sock monkey's.
    I love the layout of your blog.
    Rick ~ your latest follower.

  21. Tracy, I remember those sock monkeys. I think my grandma had one at her house for the grandkids to play with. I also, love decorating with anything old. Only my favorite color is yellow, rather than turquoise. It is good to meet you. Now I am your latest follower, after Rick. Have a great day and stay warm!



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