Crochet Anyone?

Happy New Year Everyone!

It's a sunny and warm day here, perfect for crocheted hat modelling. I have been doing quite a bit of crocheting over this Christmas break... mostly little items. Three for a special new small someone and other items -- which contain cat nip. 

Kitty gifts for the special felines on our list. All reports indicate they continue to be a hit. The free patterns can be found here: Ice Cream ConeEggBallTraffic Safety ConeHamburgerDonutChristmas Light Bulb, and Mousie. The beanie link can be found below.

You already know Louise, my neighbour friend -- that is she in the white socks on the left. Meet her new roommate, Maxwell. He gave his toys two paws up.

This is Rocky, one of my niece's cats, wearing his new beanie (free pattern here).
It's hard to tell if he is not impressed or is just trying to look cool. I had nothing to do with getting the beanie on Rocky. Use appropriate safety precautions when donning hats on your own cats.

I made myself a Wavy Gravy Scarf  with Bernat Mosaic yarn which I love. I used the Gamut colourway which Macy and I picked up on a trip north to our favourite little yarn shop last week.

This photo is the designer's, Carl Johengen's. It's a quick and easy pattern if you're a beginner and the self patterning yarn is so much fun.

My friend's new little granddaughter has to have a sock monkey hat and although my Mom's childhood doll's noggin is a bit small, she was a good sport about the whole thing...

...even modelling a spring number in cotton with a vintage button. She looks a bit shocked that we didn't change her into a spring outfit. We had to roll up the brim so we could see her, but hopefully it will fit little Miss Maggie by spring.
Pattern here, and it's free!

Every little girl needs a 50's inspired turban to round out her collection. This free pattern can be found here.

If you recall, Dolly has prosthetic limbs which have yet to be surgically attached to her body. We did experience a little dropsy trouble in the snow, but everyone is back in the house now, warm and with all appendages.

I have a few more items that I will save for another day. I must get the hats in the mail before the babe has grown out of them... and we all know how darn fast babies grow.

Thanks so much for stopping by. Wishing you all a wonderful 2013 full of all of the people and things that make you happy. Thanks for being part of my 2012!

PS: I don't know why my banjo-pickin' self is so small up at the top. Cannot for the life of me get it to post at the correct size. Wish down-sizing the real me was that easy!

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  1. wow, have you been busy, beautiful work, so much fun! Love the cat beanie!!!Thats a new one for me!!!

  2. I've been in a crochet mood myself this week . . . think I am going to have to make a cat beanie and possibly and egg. I have the pattern for the little turban - hopefully will get that done soon. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. And here I thought you were kicking back and taking it easy for the last week or so! Looks like Julie's going to have to post a year of hats for Maggie, too. They're all adorable, but I'm eyeing up the cotton lime green one for myself. It fits the doll, so I'm pretty sure it will fit me, too. Sock monkey attire is required for all generations of the 911 gang and she'll be getting her Greta Garbo on with the Hollywood turban! Maxwell and Rocky are two lucky feline friends ( cute photo of Louise, too ).

    Gorgeous scarf, but I don't think it's a beginner project. I just knit a hat with some variegated yarn and was surprised when it magically formed stripes all by itself. I don't know if Bill's golf buddies will be impressed when he wears a child's hat in his size, though.

    Gorgeous outdoor photos and a new banner, too! You're off to a good start for the new year. :@

    xo, Vickie

  4. I am still in slow motion after Christmas, posting Organized Clutter's best of 2012 posts. I'm impressed with all your crocheting and creating, Tracy!

  5. I am just getting back into crochet and I thank you for the pattern links! I love the sock monkey hat! I want to make a sock monkey! These hats are just darling!

  6. Such a great post. I love those cat toys - the eggs are hysterical. And that cat in the hat! Too funny. You sure have been productive with the hook lately. I think I may have to crochet a few fried eggs for Izzy to play with.

  7. Those are so adorable! The turban is SO cute. Maggie really has her eye on that one!

  8. Tracy, those are adorable. Such cute crochet goodies and those hats are just sweet. Love the turban. If we get a puppy, I'll have to try some little hats. So cute!

  9. Ah ha ha ha, cute post - made me giggle. One time at a party I won a crocheted nose warmer.


  10. Oh gosh, Tracy, I laugh, snort and chuckle as I read your stories. That cool cat is something else. I wondered about how they got a cap on it. And the turban, too cute. So glad you're back. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. Happy January and happy 2013!

  11. I love all of your crochet creations, Tracy, especially your beautiful scarf! Your header is wonderful! Thanks so much for stopping by!

  12. I'm digging that scarf you made yourself!! Talent for sure!


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