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January seems to be a time to reorganize and start anew. I've got plans for fluffing up my kitchen and my blog and have spent too much an enjoyable amount of time browsing Pinterest for inspiration. I absolutely love this Meadowbrook kitchen and it is my main inspiration for my brightened up decor. Hopefully coming soon...

I've gotten out what I have on hand in the way of dishes and linens and have an idea of what I need. I love my vintage potholders and wanted more. I don't see them often enough anymore... but --

Duh, I know how to crochet!

I started searching for patterns on Ravelry and the web when it hit me...

I have a few treasured vintage craft magazines... this winter 1962 - 1963 edition is from my dear Aunt Shirley, the artist.

Shirley, circa 1955
One of my favourite memories of spending time on the same farm that she and my mom grew up on (the farmhouse is pictured in my header) is finding Shirley's many drawings on the inside of the granaries we played in. I always wished I had a piece or two of the wood with her inked images on them... always of fashionable ladies. 

 Just look at these vintage kitchen bits!

The doll and Barbie clothes are so cute too. 

If I only could knit... this book was a gift from my neighbour friend Louise. Just look at Ken and his super turtleneck!!

Another gift from Louise... the 1966 edition.

Check out the hats!! 

Louise also gave me some great 70's magazines. Love the granny square dog coat. Max was eyeing it up too.

One of my favourite books is this 1952 Needlecraft for the Home book. I spotted it at a thrift store and loved the colour, and the subject matter, of course. It's got the perfect potholder patterns inside. Can't get much more authentic than that.

I love browsing through the old magazines. The ads are hilarious and bring back memories. Those of us that love retro and vintage can appreciate the wealth of information these volumes hold from 'the good old days'.

Not sure about 'the good old days' when we see fashions like this though!

I just finished some crocheted hats and sent them off to my friend Vickie at Ranger 911 for her grandchildren. All I can say is "Vickie, you're darn lucky I found these patterns AFTER I mailed the package". I think the green number in the upper right would of had your name on it. Although that centre creation is something too.

I'm hoping my kitchen will be all bright and cheery before too long, and then it will be the blog's turn for a makeover. Hope you're having fun with your January projects -- thanks so much for visiting!

P.S. Now that I look at it, if I could pull off the look I think that green hat would be awesome in turquoise...

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  1. oh my gosh, love the retro pattern books, I made a granny square bunting bag for our daughter back in the 80's, I remember the popular crotchet ed squares so well, I had quite a few of these books, long gone now though, I love the colors for the kitchen, looks so fresh and pretty turquoise is a great kitchen color,

  2. I love the granny square dog coat, and I love the retro kitchy look in the kitchen. Not so much in my wardrobe. No LOUD sweaters or sweater vests!!!!!!

  3. I used to make granny squares. Just the squares. Never got around to connecting them to make anything. I need to start crocheting again!

  4. Wow! Those are some amazing hats! It looks like your new decor is going to be bright and cheerful. Good luck with your project.


  5. These hats might be just the reason headwear went out of style. Ha! Yeah, the 70's was all about the J.C. Penny pose. Your kitchen plans via that picture look like loads of fun. I see my retro florida tablecloth in the stash of linens in that picture. My kitchen actually has some of this bright color but I could never get a picture of it to look so bright. Partly because I have crummy 1984 butcher block looking formica counters. Hard to get the feel of the fun colors when there is so much of that in the room. I have dreamed for the longest time of having those stainless counter tops. Are you redoing your counters? Can't wait to see what you come up with in your kitchen and on your blog. I wish I had the will to redo my blog look, but alas...I do not. I will live vicariously through you and your amazing stylings.

  6. Your retro pictures struck a cord with me ... now, I can't wait to see what you do with your kitchen makeover.

  7. I love looking at all of these vintage magazines. Some of the stuff is so cool and some of it is just downright hysterical.

    I'm excited for you for your new kitchen. I'm sure you'll make it adorable and cheerful.

    Have a great weekend!

  8. Those vintage magazines are amazing! Love the colours. My grandmother used to sew & knit me the most wonderful Barbie clothes - some even had 'fur' collars :)

  9. I am laughing. This was like having my mom stop in for a visit and threatening me with covering the dog in granny squares. She covered everything, but the dog remained un touched. She must not of saw that pattern.

  10. Those hats are brilliant! Haha x

  11. I'd love to see you modeling that hat in turquoise! I also love the photos in your old magazines. I cracked up at the guys in their sweaters. I'm looking forward to seeing more of what you have planned for your kitchen and blog (though it's perfect now!)

  12. Tracy, love the kitchen pic's. I can't wait to see what you come up with on that. The doggie granny square coat is awesome-you should make one of those. My Granma knitted me a bunch of Barbie clothes , but all got lost in a floof-Darn! Cute hats too!

  13. I'm loving your inspiration board for your kitchen! You're off to a good start already with your white and turquoise and I can't wait to see what you score at the thrift store to add to the feel. I had crocheted pot holders in the shape of pants and dresses, and even one that looked like a corn cobb, but I sold them when we moved. Kick.

    The vintage crochet books are hysterical! I laughed at the hats, but after giving it some thought, I realized they could be the answer to my small head dilemma. I think I'd choose the black & white loopy hat. Not only would it add volume to my head, I'd be as tall as a super model! And speaking of models, Max would look dashing in a granny square sweater. It's even got a turtle neck to keep him extra warm during the deep freeze!

    The guy in the polka dot vest was my high school algebra teacher. Ewwww.

  14. Now there's a blast from the past...I do remember having a granny square vest! It was blue and gold and my husband's grandmother made it for me! Love the hats you sent Vickie!

  15. I had a Barbie from about that era - when I tried to give it to my daughter, she refused it. Too grouchy looking, she said. I told her the old Barbies had serious style, not just wide-eyed innocence like the modern dolls. (She didn't buy that.)

  16. This post has it ALL !! It led me down memory lane and made me giggle (wow those were some fancy hats & sweaters). Fun!!


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