Spring Entrance

I love the jolt of colour we get when we come in the front door. I found the turquoise Jeep in the back of an antiques store a couple of years ago for $2.00 -- it is one of my favourite finds. It always sits at the front entrance on our handy mitten/dog leash/sidewalk chalk caddy.  Other bits come and go but the jeep and the chickadee are always here. They just make me smile.

Another thrift store doily rescue; I think it's so sad that they end up in the boxes of things that no one wanted and find their way to second hand stores. I'm always happy to bring them home - if the price is right. The clearance Michael's bird cage is on my hit list of things to paint white.

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  1. I have that same (or almost) jeep!

    I featured it on this post: http://daranger911.blogspot.com/2011/12/good-elf-bad-elf.html

    I may have to dig it out for a spring display. It looks pretty cute hauling that egg!

  2. Perfect! Color make everything better. :)

  3. What great photos! Lots of wonderful colors. The jeep is awesome...


  4. Talk about a happy Post. This just made me smile!!! Great job. : )


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