Coffee, Tea or Chickadee?

Yesterday we moved my grandmother's sewing machine into the dining room. This move was inspired by my new-to-me pewter coffee pot which was given to my mom by her dear friend and US neighbour Holly who is almost 90. My parents spend the winter in the USA; Mom's parents were both born in the US and I have enjoyed doing lots of genealogy research of relatives in the Spokane, Washington and Waterford, Wisconsin areas. Holly moved from Canada to California many years ago and enjoys the Canadian ties & friendship with my folks. She has been sharing her treasures with us and they are getting a lot of love.

The crocheted tablecloth is from her also. Thank you dear Holly -- I don't imagine you expected a bird's nest in the coffee pot, but considering it spent many years in the barn in Quebec, (before you rescued it) a bird's nest may not be much of a stretch!

The Dixon & Son pewter coffee pot was made between 1823 & 1835 and made the trek to Quebec with Holly's family from England. The scale was my mother's paternal grandmother's. The binocs were my great grandfather Sid's. My mom remembers the day they got this second hand treadle Singer and how excited they all were. It belonged to her mother Anna, who is on the right in the photo with her sister Belle. I love finding old treasures but when they have family history, the find is even sweeter.

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  1. How nice to have those pieces with so much history in your home. I love the nest in the coffee pot!

  2. I love your blog and wanted to comment on your sweet vignette. Thank you for sharing!

    Blessings, Linda

  3. Having family pieces are wonderful. Especially, with all the stories that go with it. Would love for you to share on Simple & Sweet Fridays. Great memories with this post.


  4. Thank you so much for sharing on Simple & Sweet Fridays. I love all your collectibles.



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