April in Alberta

One of my favourite signs of spring is when the streets get cleaned. The spring wind picks up the nasty winter dust and gravel making walks rather... dusty. Yesterday was a great day; note the sunshine.

Mr. C.F. pruned the apple and crab apple trees yesterday. This year will be our heavy crab year. Yippee... they are our favourite for eating and for jelly. Note: no sun.

Today was Miss C.F.'s first morning ever walking to school with classmates. She's been walking home with them for a couple of weeks now and loves it. A big step... just as much for mom as for her. Note: mittens and snow. This is mid April in Alberta.

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  1. I don't think we'll need to do any pruning of trees. Yesterday's snow pretty much took care of that for us. :@

    It's hard to let those kids fly off on their own.


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