Winter It Is

No fall decor to be found here... WINTER it is.

Just in case I'm confused by the cornucopias and acorns on Pinterest, all I need to do is have a look out my kitchen window. Even the heated bird waterer looks like a hot tub for fun loving chickadees.

I haven't gone all Christmassy, but the trees, pinecones, and snowflakes are out. Mrs. Robin is wearing a new hooded cape to keep her feathered self warm. Monsieur Moose's wreath and ribbon have him looking rather showy for hunting season. He may want to rethink that one.

My Mom and Dad celebrate their 57th Anniversary on Sunday and if you look closely you'll notice there isn't a flake of snow on the ground in the photo -- it was shirtsleeve weather on November 24th, 1956. Give me the good old days please!

I had to make my own version of the Car in a Jar with my 1940's Schuco car and my favourite -- one of Macy's Playmobil birds from last year's Advent Calendar. (They have the same calendar this year if you need some birds, bunnies or a fox for your jars.) 

Bach and Beethoven are even bundled up already.

Thanks so much for stopping by. Have fun decorating -- for fall or winter -- and stay warm! 


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  1. beautiful readiness for winter! Love the toques on the statues!!

  2. So glad to see everyone's bundled up and ready for the cold weather - LOL. Love the hats!

    xo Danielle

  3. We have had a little snow but it all melted. In the 40's today. Very fun decor!

  4. Love all of your winter decorations, Tracy...especially the car in a jar! We are expecting some snow tomorrow...

  5. Mrs.Robin's cape is oh-so-stylish! I hope she takes it off before she goes for a dip in the hot tub! I love your car in a jar, and parents under glass! All your lovely turquoise accents are perfect for a pre-Christmas display, but me thinks Bach and Beethoven are looking a little cranky with the early onset of winter. Mr.Moose should be safe in the great outdoors with his coat of white. :) Happy Anniversary to your parents!


  6. I got chilly just looking at your post. Brrr! Only you would knit a cape for a bird. All the outside birds are going to be getting jealous and then you'll have a whole side business of knitting for wildlife. Now that I'm typing this I bet you crocheted them. See, I can't even tell the difference!

  7. Ah ha ha ha ha.... the composers crack me up!

  8. Love the car in the jar.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Visiting from Common Ground.

  9. I love the jar scenes. You have such a sense of humor in your decorating. I had to laugh when I saw Bach and Beethoven. And that's coming from a piano teacher. Love it!

  10. I'm loving the car winter scene in the jar! What a great idea. I'm following on Bloglovin now.
    Adina @ Simply Country Life

  11. I love all the little blue bits and baubles of scarfs and such . The jar scenes are so cool :)

  12. The jars are fab! I'm going to get one of those Macy's calendars! Thanks for visiting my blog!

  13. I love the icy colours you chose for that decor, perfect for the white light a snowy day makes.

  14. I love everything - and I'm pinning! Just when I thought I could never be impressed by a white and blue Christmas vignette, you blew me off! Love the crochet bow tie of the reindeer :)))

  15. Oh my gosh, I love the car in the jar! too cute!!! Pinned.

  16. Tracy, Just wanted to wish you Happy December 1st! Can't wait to see more of your wonderful Christmas Vignettes!! Always love them!!

  17. Your vignette is so pretty! LOVE the car in a jar! :)

  18. I love the color palette that you used and Johann and Ludwig cracked me up! :)

  19. I sure missed your pops of turquoise, Tracy. It's so nice having you back in the blog world. I love all your holiday decorations.


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