Construction Chaos & a Quick Christmas Cubby

Thank you everyone for your well wishes on our painting and flooring adventure. I am missing having the time and energy to visit all of my favourite blogs. I did take a quick minute (while my assistant carpenter was at a meeting) to fluff up and photograph the Christmas cubby. (Note the compressor handle is part of the display...)

Nestled in among the holiday knick knacks is
someone new and very special to us...
who came from south of the border.

In addition to all of the amazing inspiration to be found on blogs I have met some of the sweetest people. People that no matter how far away they are, they are still such a treasured part of your day. People that make you laugh and share your love of the good things in life -- you know... vintage junk, painting the vintage junk, decorating with the vintage junk... making things, Pinning things...
the important stuff.

Ranger 911

One of those sweet (and very funny and talented) people is my friend Vickie from Ranger 911. No, that isn't Vickie in the red, although the vintage elf IS wearing one of her hats.

Vickie's Loo
Sometimes you know you've found a kindred spirit at first glance.
Like the first time I saw where Vickie stored her extra rolls of TP.
I just knew she was my kind of people.

Vickie sent Macy and I the most wonderful package and I have been dying to share it with you. I wanted to show you my treasures in one post, but my busy DIY schedule just isn't going to allow it...

Imagine our excitement when the mailman delivered...

This irresistible fellow
in the red vest and turquoise fez!!! 

If you follow Vickie's blog you know that she is a talented decorator, painter, all-round maker and seamstress with a thing for sock monkeys.  She fashions amazing sock primates with the most fetching outfits. We couldn't believe our eyes when this guy peeked out of the box at us. He came with another outfit that will be revealed at a later date. For now he fits right in with our little holiday display. Thank you so much Vickie for this wonderful surprise.

He makes me smile every time I see him.

We haven't decided on a name yet. When my head is finished with the all the nailing noise from laying hardwood I think one will come to me pronto.

He sits with a vintage coconut candy tin. My grandmother worked for the Ming family in the 50's and 60's and I am sure this tin of candies was a little gift. 

 I found it in the garage full of my grandfather's handmade fishing hooks. The colours on the tin were perfect. I am sure the candies were too.

Some other items are our wee Santa sock monkey ornament from my old friend Peggy whom I met through our mutual darlin' friend Mo Jackson who makes the most amazing hats and stockings (and digital art). These gals have been my e-friends for eight years. :)

The vintage Imperial Oil coin bank came from Dad's side of the family... not sure who.

One of my favourite treasures here are the Mr. Peanut salt and pepper shakers. They belonged to my beloved Grandma Becker and I was the lucky one who got to keep them.

Grandma Becker with her future sister-in-law, Aunt Marie, sometime in the 20's I would think. My grandmother worked for Marie and later would marry my grandfather, Marie's brother.

Grandma sewed their matching outfits...

Prairie haute couture!

I also finished my four little Pinecone Elves today. All that needed to be done was to hot glue on their limbs, but even that was tricky finding time to do! I think this little guy is wearing oven mitts instead of mittens. Hope he's got supper planned for tomorrow.

I had to pick up Hallmark's 2012 holiday trailer. It tows beautifully behind my 1940's Schuco car. As you can see she's limping towards the Esso station to get that tire fixed. Good thing she can stop for an ice cold Diet Coke while she's waiting!

I crocheted the miniature stocking last year from Sucrette's adorable free pattern here on Ravelry. 

Macy's countdown ornament says only 19 days till Christmas. Yikes.

The gas pump was a $2 find at a second hand shop and held Avon cologne for men.

I found the vintage elf that is sitting atop the birdhouse at my favourite thrift shop for 25 cents!

The little red truck on the top shelf was one of my Dad's toys. I thought when I zoomed in on this pic of my dad playing in his sand dirt box I might see it, but it wasn't there. I do see a few garden tools though!

So, tomorrow is another full day of laying hardwood. You can tell by the excitement in our sock monkey's eyes that it's starting to look a whole lot better around this joint.

I'm really looking forward to being able to check back in at my favourite haunts.

Mockingbird Hill Cottage
Thank you so much for stopping by and thank you Vickie for the sweetest gifts and for your friendship.

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  1. I like filling cubbies. Perfect for holiday decorating and showing off collections. I like the house too. I'm guessing that you added the turquoise trim. Love the turquoise and red. The sock monkey from Vickie looks right at home with the cubby and the tin!

    1. Thanks Carlene; the house is actually our fairy garden house. We had to bring it in for the winter. It would be under snow right now and it took FOREVER to stick all those little rocks on there -- we want them to be there in the spring! :) Yep, the monkey has settled right in. :)

  2. I knew there was something those eyes were trying to tell us. I just can't wait to see your floors too! What a relief to come here and find signs that you have not traded your blog for a new career in flooring installation. You rock the cubbies! Each one is like a little story box with something intriguing to tell. I'm going to have to go in search of one of those 2012 trailers now that I've seen yours. Unfortunately I don't have a vintage car to tow it, but I'll sure be on the lookout. Stay warm and try to slow down that Christmas countdown ornament if you can. I have not been working on my Christmas stuff as quickly as that calendar seems to be moving along.

  3. I get tickled turquoise any time I see you have a new post....your on my side bar....I just love your fun post and the quirky style that brings a smile to my face....I have so many old pics...I need to do a few post...on some today I finally got a posting done, Lordy it had been hope you have your knee pads and extra strong Aleive ....can't wait to see how it goes

  4. Ah shucks. Thank YOU for making me smile every day. I'm so glad he/she monkey has gone to his new home filled with red and turquiose goodness. And speaking of....WOW! You've filled your cubby with some fabulous and quirky finds, and best of all, you've got a story to tell about each and every one of them. The candy tin, your dad's truck, and the salt & pepper shakers are wonderful treasures of days gone by. And your crocheted owl and sock, along with your little pine cone elves are the cherry on top!

    Love the family photos, too!

    Hope you survive the construction project. Hehe on the compressor handle. :@

    xxoo, Vickie

  5. It was so much fun just to sit back and look at all the fascinating little things sitting in your cubbies. I just LUV the sock monkey, can't wait to hear what you'll name him. I hope you introduced him to his little sock monkey pal holding the pine cone:-)

  6. The cubbies look fabulous. I had to go back and look at each thing in detail. The little trailer and car-so cute. I'm loving the turquoise touches. What a cute sock monkey gift. I hope you survive your floors. It'll be so worth it, when it's all finished.

  7. What do Doughboy and Remy think of their new friend? Perhaps you could open it up to name suggestions and Macy could pick the winner?


  8. Oh my goodness, sounds like you have your hands full. But just thing what fun it's going to be when it's all done.

    Another Canadian blogger, Whoot Whoot!!!!


  9. I adore that shelf and the vintage red and aqua colors. How fun!!

  10. Love the vintage colors you've put together here!

  11. Love all of the vintage stuff and the display / the elves are my favorite because we had ones similar when I was a kid! :)

  12. Love that among all your chaos you have created a fun and playful corner.:)

  13. What great colors! Nice job-- love the old photos too.

  14. I loved looking at all your "stuff" I made sock monkeys a couple of years ago for great grand kids. The elves are here at our house too.

  15. I so enjoyed reading this post! Love the shelf with all the treasures. And isn't there something so beautiful about those blue Ball jars! It was fun to see the Prairie Haute Couture. Definitely chic! :-)

  16. I love everything. The blue and the red really set it all off. The sock monkey is beautifully done. I think I must have that vintge trailer. I like that you have your dad's truck. I used my hubby's old fire truck in my decorations. Gosh, I just love all of it.

  17. I am in love with your cubbies! I think the Turquoise and Red is stunning! I love cubbies and have some I decorate seasonally, holidays and just because. Now that sock monkey is adorable. I know that Vickie from 911 is such a great gal! I love her sock monkeys and what a treat that she sent you and Macy one! I'm a new follower, cause anyone who has cute cubbies full of vintage goodness is my kind of blogger!

    hugs, Linda

  18. Every cubbie holds a wonderful treasure! I love the color combination you use - of course, you know that I do! - and the cheerful Christmas theme running through everything is just sublime. How lovely of your friend to send you that adorable sock monkey! My goodness!

    Thanks so much for joining in this week, Tracy!


  19. What a wonderful post! I enjoyed every word and learning about all the special items in your cubby. The colors are amazing together. Enjoyed the old photographs too! For being so busy this took a lot of time and we appreciate learning about your favorite things. I love sock monkeys too. What an adorable gift from a great friend. I cherish the friends I have made through my blog too! I had a Grandma Becker too! I am a new follower and look forward to getting to know you better. Happy Holidays!

  20. This is such a cheery post! So fun to look through your cubbies at all of the festive items, each with their own story. I've said it before, but I'll say it again . . . you have some serious display-making talent.


  21. This vignette is so very adorable! Such great vintage charm, I could spend hours just admiring it all. Your colors are so fresh. Lovely!

  22. How fun you got one of Vickie's sock monkeys! I was just visiting her blog and she has a new nurse monkey that she is giving away. Your monkey fits perfectly with your colors and vignette. Thanks for stopping by, I'm your newest follower. Hope you can stop back by and follow us too. Thanks, Laura

  23. Tracy, Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful post at Simple & Sweet Fridays. I love your cubby with all your treasures in it. What a fantastic collection, love the colors, so pretty! What a cute sock monkey from Vicki. She is so creative too! I want to thank you also for all your wonderful comments on my blog. You always make me feel so good! Thank You!!



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