Thursday, November 15, 2012

(Another) Kitchen Disaster

Behind this seemingly pastoral winter scene in funky turquoise, red, and white is yet another of my kitchen disasters. We didn't need to call the fire department and thankfully everything has turned out just fine. Better than expected actually.

It all started with my bright idea to make a new bunting for the old window that hangs in our breakfast nook...

It only took a short time to make and I loved it. Till I hung it up. The colours were terrible. Although it somehow looks turquoise here, it is really a deep greenish turquoise and the red is... not funky at all. More like a blood red. Eeew. Max even turned his nose up at it.

So, I hauled out a rather sparse bunting I'd made a couple of years ago, got out a box of clearance pine cones that I picked up two Christmases ago (which had the exact number of pine cones required for the bunting rescue), the proper colour red yarn... five minutes and... voila.

I like it even better than the first one. Go figure.

A little bare, but I didn't want anything tooooo Christmassy yet. Everything here we had on hand. The teeny snow S&P are Macy's -- a gift from my mom. The bell is a dollar store item that gets quite a bit of use around here. Macy makes sure that if someone is sick they have the bell to call for service. You'll hear a 'ding' when dinner's ready too.

The flour sifter belonged to my beloved Grandma Becker. She made the very best homemade bread in her coal stove. I'm thankful that I remember that stove and her kitchen well. And how she always smelled like Noxema.

Grandma & Grandpa Becker and me.
I think this is the first photo evidence that my mom used that infamous method of trimming bangs in the 60's...

Thank goodness that progress has been made in the hairdo department!

I love this vintage cinnamon tin -- a gift from Macy & Mr. CF last Christmas.

Disaster averted; I am so pleased with how my bunting turned out. Not sure what I'm going to do with the other one... I'll find someplace for it.

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  1. Ha,ha! I hadn't thought about scotch tape trimmed bangs in years!

  2. I had those bangs too. Too short and too straight. I also like turquoise and red. I like your corner shelf decor, and also the window in the breakfast nook.

  3. oooo to bad about the fire, thank goodness everything was OK! That is a wonderful photo of you and your grand parents, they must have loved you so much, you shared a wonderful story with us, your handi work is beautiful!

    1. Thank you Laurie. There wasn't ever a fire... that we had to call the fire department for. Just a few... incidents. :)

  4. Moo, mooo! Baby cow wants a crocheted hat and a poncho.

    I love it! Everything looks so bright and cheerful. You can tell a happy (and possibly silly) family lives here. You've got so many fun kitschy turqouise utensils and the red is the perfect accent color. I like both buntings and I'll just have to take Max's word for it that the first one was all wrong.

    Your deer and tree are adorable in the canning jar, as is the wee little tree on your table. I'm so glad your decorating disaster was averted. The rescue crews are busy enough already! Now get to work and bake some bread for your hungry family in the coal stove.

    We must have had crooked tape when I was growing up, because my bangs always went uphill on one side. :@

  5. love love all of this the story and the pics...and the memory's are so similiar....I had the same cut with a little flip in my red hair...I thought I was cute...O my

  6. OH. My. goodness. The bangs! The tape! The hilarity! My mom was the hair cutter in our neighborhood growing up. Everyone sent their kids over. There they would sit on our porch on the high twirly wicker barstools where my mom would snip away, but I never saw her employ the tape method. That's the best!

    Now, important question...Is that doughboy there lying dead in the first "blood red" bunting? I just had to know since he looks lifeless and you did say the word "blood". Please make sure to photograph him in a happy scene sometime soon so I know for sure he's still "with us". I worry about him. He looks so small and pitiful there. And I guess it's just me, but in the photo your "reject" bunting looks adorable. Love what you come up with! Oh, and when my kids were younger, a bell was also employed during sickness. The kind you ring, not ding, if that makes sense. Boy did that grow old fast because children can get really carried away with ringing and ringing. That bell got used a lot for a while. I'd love to have one like yours that we could politely ding, for sickness and dinner. In fact, I love the dinner bell idea. I'd especially love it if someone else was cooking and calling ME to the table with a "Ding!"

  7. How funny!! I loved the look of the original bunting - a turquoise and red theme is so fresh and zingy! It's so annoying when the colours photograph so differently too eh?! Cheers, J9 x

  8. Well the bunting did look fine to me in the photos, but I trust 'ya. And I think I still have tape residue on my forehead from all the times my mom trimmed my bangs.


  9. I think both buntings look terrific! I love your color theme it's very retro chic. That dash of red is perfect. Very cute hat on the Christmas Holstein, reminds me of dressing up the horses on Christmas eve and trying to get a picture before they shook the Santa hats off and headed for the warm barn!

  10. I do like your second bunting so much better. The silver pinecones really do add a nice festive touch and the red bow makes it all pop. I was the one who cut my own bangs many times when I really shouldn't have. I remember my mom using the Toni perm rods on me to get the Shirley Temple look. Wonder how I ever slept through the night with those things in my hair. Loved your comment about the bee and the angle. HA! Best wishes, Tammy

  11. Love the snow pictures. So pretty. Especially when it isn't in my yard. Just not ready for winter, yet.

    1. Oh, and boy do I remember those kind of bangs. Thanks for the memories.

  12. The canning jar with deer/snow scene is ADORABLE. I'm making one pronto. Thanks for the idea!

    And I think the pinecone garland is perfect. And I love that little white tree with the turquoise ornaments that sits on your table.

    Have a great weekend Tracy.

  13. So nice to meet you.
    Your vintage photos are funny!

  14. Ha, my mom used the scotch tape method too! Love your bunting and the pops of turquoise are lovely. The cows are my favourite part-we have those too and I have half finished a little vignette using them.

  15. Tracy, love your garland with the pinecones. And, oh that ad about cutting bangs is hilarous. I remember when.....


  16. What a fun and pretty space. I love your style. The best thing about vintage pieces are the stories behind them. I love your grandma's sifter and how you have it display. Love all the little snowmen too!

  17. Glad it all worked out well and I love the cows and the bunting - too cute! Pinning!

  18. Tracy, you just know how to do color right. The turquoise and red touches are so perfect and I love those little cows. Great photo of your Grandma and those memories of her-even better! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  19. Tracy, Thanks so much for sharing on Simple & Sweet Fridays. Love the photo of you. What a cutie even with short bangs!


  20. Great save, it all looks just perfect now. The color combination makes the kitchen sing. Very festive.
    Have a happy and blessed Thanksgiving.

  21. An adorable bunting! You should be quite proud of yourself.

  22. So happy to have stumbled over to meet you! Love your little bunting and hope you share how to make those little crochet flowers-cute! Congrats to your parents as well. What a blessing and example to your whole family and all who know them!


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