Christmas Mantle

We have yet to bring up our boxes of Christmas decor, but I am really thinking this year there will be much less red and green in our midst. Everything here I had on hand, except for my recent extravagant purchase of the Merry Christmas, $3.00 at the local dollar store.

We inherited this blah fireplace when we bought this home a year and a half ago. It's on our list of redo's. Not sure when it will happen, but for now, this is our fireplace with it's Canadian Tire sconces. Eeeew.

Last weekend I got out the Modge Podge/Sheet Music duo. I made a pattern for the B from the font Storybook, cut it out with the jigsaw from  5/8" MDF we had on hand, and voila, our holiday B. 

I also got out this old set of anters from the garden shed. My father was an avid hunter and we grew up having game on the dinner table. Not a big fan, but the meat did not go to waste and I have redone a few sets of these. It is always nice to have a free source for craft supplies!

I was really struggling with my camera today, so I apologize for the iffy pics.  Anywho... this set was mounted differently and I could not get my ecru on ecru fabric from my quilting stash to lay nicely over the yellow chamois stuff, so I dug deeper in the old craft fabric and used the fake sheepskin fluffy stuff. It will work for now. Also, I may redo the sheet music with a more random pattern as I don't like the borders of the pages  showing.... hmmm.

Thanks much for peeking!


  1. I wouldn't change a thing with it. It looks great! I would love for you to stop by Wiccan Make Some Too's Wickedly Crafty Saturdays & share this!

  2. That mantel looks so pretty! Enjoy the season and wishing you and your family the best of times.

  3. I meant to tell you how much I love this yesterday, but I scrolled to far, saw the kitchen, and- oooooo, shiny!- got distracted.

  4. I really like what you did with your mantel. The whites and the blues really pop off that beautiful brown paint color.
    I love the sheet music on the "B" are really good with the jigsaw!!
    Happy New Year!


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