Paranormal Portraits

My 2010 version of Country Living's Paranormal Portraits is much sturdier than last year's attempt. I followed the instructions in the link (except I gave my family photos a sepia tint and printed on photo paper, skipping the black wash step). The frames are thrift store bargains sprayed black. Keeping everything together was interesting; I used 1/2 a roll of duct tape and you still had to tip toe when walking by them so the lights didn't pop out.

For the NEW & IMPROVED method, put the frame backs on and take a pencil and carefully draw little circles through the holes you made for the eyes. Take care that your original holes are not too big, but just fit the lights. I used a scrapbooking punch to poke out perfectly round holes (no frayed edges). Anyway, draw through so that the frame back has the little circles on it. Find a drill bit a smidgen smaller than the light hole size and drill right through the frame back. You may have to take off the easel and then replace it if you've got relatives like me who's eyes ended up in an inconvenient spot. If you'd rather not replace it just use a plate stand.  Now put the back of the frame back on and push your lights through. Voila! Your lights almost stay in by themselves and you only need a wee bit of duct tape.

I found that the flat ended lights work really well. An added bonus is that your peeps don't have pointy eyes sticking out. It's enough for your mother to see herself in a Halloween display, let alone with projecting pupils. Funny, my dad thought it was hilarious.

A night view picture is in my previous post. This is only post number two; my training wheels are feeling a little wobby. Thanks for looking!


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  1. OK, LOVE your blog! Such great design. Secondly, I really love your holiday decor! I live for the month of October, and usually go overboard decorating for Halloween, in much the same style as you have showcased here. This year, since I'm spending a lot of time cuddling my new son, I've really scaled back and am saving my energy for Christmas ;o)! Not much going on at our house in terms of holiday festive-ness, so I'm thrilled to live vicariously through you with this post...makes my decorating heart happy!

  2. Those look so creepy and FABULOUS!!

  3. They seriously freak me out! Totally brilliant!

  4. These Great! And WAY cheaper than the holo-graphic ones! I will SO be doing this next year!
    Thanks for linking up to Making It With Allie! I can't wait to see what you have for next week!

  5. Hey Tracy!
    I'm featuring this as one of the Making It With Allie Features this week! Come on by and grab a button!

  6. Oh wow, these are fantastic!!!! I've got to try this next year!


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