Halloween Sideboard {First Post}

Thank you for peeking. I feel like I'm wading in ice cold water on slippery rocks! With so much amazing inspiration out in blogland I wanted to be able to share and take part in the fun so I've taken the blog plunge. I'm wearing one of those puffy old orange life preservers while scratching and clawing at buttons.

The 2009 fall issue of Country Living featured instructions for these Paranormal Portraits. I've made some adjustments to the backs this year (which I will share later with more photos) and they are much sturdier. Not to mention fun, especially when each one of them is a family member!


  1. This display is really cool! Wish I had time to try it this year :(

    Good luck with your blog, it looks great!

  2. Looks awesome Tracy! Such a sweet idea. I have a few family members I would not mind Ghouling up!
    Beth @ Wiccan Make Some Too

  3. Love your display of seasonal enthusiasm! Brilliant! It would sure have saved you some work, tho', if you had relatives whose eyes actually glow by themselves when photographed. Like my ex-mother-in-law, for example.


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