Candle Gift Sweaters - Free Patterns

Add a cozy cable sweater to a holiday gift candle with a crochet headband pattern! These beginner cable patterns (links below) come with great how-to instructions and one has a video. It took me a few tries to get the hang of it but once you get it these are fun and quick to make and warmly dress up a gift.

Remove sweater while burning your candle... lit for the photo only. :)

These two candles are 3" tall and 3" in diameter; the pattern from BHooked comes with a great video to get you started. Scroll down to the bottom of the pattern to find it.

I used a 3 weight yarn and 3.5mm hook. I chained 16, single crochet in second chain to get 15 across then start with Row 4. Work till your piece is just a little snug on the candle and whipstitch or single crochet closed. I was at about maximum width so I didn't crochet the single crochet along the edges on this one. I attached buttons over the seam and done!!

Cable Crochet Headband

For the large 5" high by about 4 3/4" in diameter candle I used worsted weight yarn and a 5.5mm hook. The free pattern from My Hobby is Crochet is very well written for the first time cable crocheter. Next time I will go a couple of stitches wider with the edges. You just kind of have to fiddle a bit to get the right size for your candle.

Free Pattern Source

The sky is the limit. Any headband pattern could grow up to become a sweater! 

Happy making!



  1. Tracey these are so cute. Have a great rest of the weekend. xoxo Kris

  2. Thank you Kris. Hope your thanksgiving turkey wasn't too pale - but it would have matched the decor. xoxo


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